Psychology Part - 2 ( Child development and Pedagogy MCQs )

Psychology Child development and Pedagogy MCQs


Q 11. The current view of childhood assumes that:

Q 12. In preparing a fifth grade class to take a standardized reading test the teacher is best advised to:

Q 13. A normal child of twelve years of age is most likely to:

Q 14. Creative writing should be an activity planned for:

Q 15. Of the following, the most promising step for a teacher to take in order to improve class discipline is to:

Q 16. The question "Will the shy child who never speaks turn into a quiet, shy adult or wilL the child become a sociable, talkative person?" is concerned with which developmental issue?

Q 17. A child from a disorganized home will experience the greatest difficulty with:

Q 18. Most psychologists believe that development is due:

Q 19. The normal twelve –year –old child is most likely to:

Q 20. The reason why students run from school is:



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