The Happy Prince Lesson - 1 Long Questions-Answer (PSEB)

  The Happy Prince (Oscar Wilde)  

10th Class PSEB Examination-Style Questions And Answers 


NOTE- Please seek the help of your teacher

Q. 1. Why was the Prince called the Happy Prince?
Ans. When  the  Prince  was  alive. He was always happy. He was never sad. He did not know about tears. So, his courtiers  called him “The Happy Prince”.

Q. 2. “I cannot choose but weep.” Why did the Happy Prince say so?
Ans. The Happy Prince was a beautiful statue. When the Prince was alive, he did not know about tears. But now he could see the problems of his city. He could not help them. Therefore, he could  not choose but weep.

Q. 3. Comment on the remark – ‘The living beings always think that gold can make them happy.’
Ans. The living being thinks that money is the most powerful, in the world. They always think that gold can make them happy.

Q. 4. Why did the Mayor dislike the statue so much?
Ans. The Happy Prince gave all his precious stones and gold to the poor people. He was looking ugly now. So, the mayor disliked the statue.

Q. 5. Write a short note on the sufferings of the poor people in the city?
Ans. The Happy Prince could see the suffering of the poor people. They were poor and in hunger. The seamstress, her son, the match girl, the play write, were fighting with hunger and poverty.

Q. 6. What is the message conveyed by the author?
Ans. The author said that service of poor people is the service of God. The Happy Prince also believed . So, only money or gold cannot make us happy.



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