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Prayer of the Woods Poem-I, Class XII,Subject-English

Class- XII Poem – 1 Prayer of the Woods Note-Please Seek The Help Of Your Teacher. Central Idea:- Ans. Prayer of the woods is a very beautiful poem by anonymous. The poem is based on the idea that people should not harm trees. Trees play an important role in our life. They give us shade in summer and heat in winter moreover they give us fruits. Flowers cradle, coffin table hoe etc. Q. 1. How can the wood give us heat as well as coldness? Ans. In winter the woods give fuel for our fire place and in summer. They give shade from the sun. Q. 2. List the things the wood gives us? Ans. The woods give heat in winter, shade in summer and fruits. Q. 3. What does the line refreshing drought refer to? A) Juicy bites of the fruits. B) Lucking raindrops fallen on the fruits, Ans. A) Juicy bites of the fruits. Q. 4. Write a down the line in the poem that explains the statement: “the wood accompanies us from birth till death”. Ans. The woods of your

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Prayer of the Woods Poem-I, Class XII,Subject-English

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