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English Quiz (Part -3) Most Important MCQ's

English Quiz - English Questions and Answers (MCQ's) ENGLISH PART - 03 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS Q 21. The sonnets of Shakespeare are addressed to ? A) William Herbert B) Earl of Southampton C) Mr. W. H. D) All of these Q 22. 'Who will belive my verse in time to come who wrote this sonnet ? A) Ben Jonson B) Chapman C) Shakespeare D) Herbert Q 23. In how many books Spenser's The Shepherd's Calendar divided ? A) Twelve B) Four C) Three D) Thirteen Q 24. The subjects of The Shepherd's Calendar are ? A) Praise of Queen B) Sad death of a girl C) Discussions of religion D) All of these Q 25. How many lines does Spenserian Stanza contains ? A) Ten B) Nine C) Five D) Twelve Q 26. Name the wife of Spenser ? A) Ma

English Quiz (Part -2) Most Important MCQ's

English Quiz - English Questions and Answers (MCQ's) ENGLISH PART - 02 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS Q 11. What is Every-man ? A) A masque B) A morality play C) A mystery play D) A tragedy Q 12. Who wrote The Four p's ? A) John Heywood B) Joseph Hall C) Chapman D) Ben Jonson Q 13. Who wrote The Play of Weather (1533) ? A) Joseph Hall B) John Heywood C) Ben Jonson D) Chapman Q 14. Mercutio is a character in? A) Romeo and Juliet B) Othello C) The Merchant of Venice D) The Jew of Malta Q 15. Who introduced sonnet in to England ? A) Surrey B) Caxton C) Ben Jonson D) Wyatt Q 16. Who wrote the first blank verse in English ? A) Thomas Wyatt B) Earl of Surrey C) Chapon D) Watson Q 17. Who m

English Quiz (Part -1) Most Important MCQ's

Computer Quiz -15 -General Knowledge Questions and Answers (MCQ's) ENGLISH PART - 01 MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS Q 1. What are the dates of Middle English period? A) 1300-1400 B) 1100-1500 C) 1450-1600 D) 1325-1400 Q 2. Who is known as ‘the father of English poetry’? A) Geoffery Chaucer B) Langland C) Spenser D) Milton Q 3. The Advancement of Learning was written by? A) John Locke B) David Hume C) Thomas Hobbes D) Francis Bacon Q 4. The Wife of bath is a character in…………………….? A) Paliament of Fows B) Canterbury Tales C) Faire Queen D) Lycidas Q 5. Who wrote the paly Troilus and Creseyde based on Chaucer’work? A) Shakespeare B) Ben Jonson C) Chapman D) Dryden Q 6. Name the poem by langland which describes the sorrows of the poor?

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