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Four Paragraphs Class-VIII

Paragraphs Our School Peon Karam Singh is our school peon. He is about forty years old. He wears a khaki uniform. He is very active and  hardworking. He reaches the school before it opens. He opens the doors and windows. He dusts the  headmaster's office. He takes his seat in front of the headmaster's office. He knows his job well. He rings the  school bell. He goes from class to class with the order book. He goes to the bank. He also goes to the post-  office. He brings the dak. He gives pieces of chalk to the students. He is very respectful and obedient. He is  gentle and polite. He is honest and trustworthy. His work is very hard but his pay is small. The government  should raise his pay. The Policeman The policeman is a useful public servant. He is tall and healthy. He  wears a khaki uniform and a turban with a  red band. There is a leather belt round his waist. The belt has a plate with a number on it. He has a staff (T) in  his hand. The policeman looks very active.

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