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Nelson Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom (CBSE) Long Question and Answers class 10

Nelson Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom (CBSE)  Long Question and Answers Q.1. Briefly describe Mandela's Swearing-in Ceremony. Ans. Nelson Mandela's swearing-in ceremony took place in a big sandstone amphitheatre in Pretoria. Mandela was accompanied by his daughter Zenani. During the ceremony, Mr de Klerk was sworn in as second Deputy President followed by Mr Thabo Mbeki who was sworn in as first Deputy President. Then came the historical moment when Nelson Mandela took the oath as the President of South Africa. He pledged to obey and uphold the Constitution and dedicated himself to the well being of his people. In his public address, Mandela spoke of the newborn liberty. He thanked the international guests gathered there to be with his countrymen in the common victory for justice, peace and human dignity. Mandela pledged himself to liberate his people from poverty, suffering and discrimination. A little while later, a spectacular show by Jets, Defence and Police Force was prese

Nelson Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom (CBSE) Short Question and Answers class 10

 Nelson Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom Short Answer Type Questions Q.1. Where did the ceremonies take place? Can you name any public buildings in India that are made of sandstone?  Ans. The ceremonies took place in the sandstone amphitheatre formed by the Union Buildings in Pretoria. In India, the Red Fort, the Jama Masjid and the Parliament House are some of the public buildings made of sandstone. Q.2. Can you say how 10 May is an 'autumn day' in South Africa? Ans. The paragraph mentions that it was a lovely autumn day. Moreover, as South Africa is in the southern hemisphere so it is autumn season there.  Q.3. At the beginning of his speech, Mandela mentions "an extraordinary human disaster”. What does he mean by this? What is the "glorious ... human achievement" he speaks of at the end? Ans. The extraordinary human disaster was the practice of apartheid in South Africa. During apartheid regime there was racial segregation based on skin colour of people. Black p

A Letter to God Long Question Answers Class 10

Long Answers & Questions A Letter to God 0.1. Why did Lencho write a letter to God? Who received the letter and what did he do? Ans. As a hard-working farmer Lencho was expecting a good harvest that year. Like all other farmers, he was expecting some rain and hoped that a little downpour would certainly boost his crops. It was evening when it began raining outside. Lencho was delighted, but his joy did not last long. The rainfall soon turned into a hailstorm and destroyed his crop completely. The whole valley was now covered with hailstones. Not a leaf was visible-a sure indication of the total loss of the harvest. Although the loss of his crops had shattered Lencho completely, yet he had firm faith in God. A simple hearted as he was, Lencho strongly believed that God would certainly help him. In order to inform the God of his unprecedented loss, Lencho wrote Him a letter. In the letter he asked God to send him one hundred pesos to sow his crops again. He put the letter in an envel

A Letter to God Short Questions and Answers Class 10

Short Questions Answers   A Letter to God (CBSE) Q.1. What did Lencho hope for?  Ans. Lencho's crop was almost ready. It just needed a downpour and he hoped that it would rain soon and his crop of corn would be saved.  Q.2. Why did Lencho say the raindrops were like "new coins? Ans. As raindrops would have helped in getting a better harvest, resulting in more prosperity, so Lencho compared them with new coins. Actually, his crop needed rain to be a good harvest. Good harvest was like money for him So when it rained he saw the raindrops in the form of 'new coins'.  Q.3. How did the rain change? What happened to Lencho's fields? Ans. The rain changed to hailstorm, All the crop in the field was destroyed completely. Q.4. What were Lencho's feelings when the hail stopped?  Ans. After the destruction caused by hail, Lencho was shattered. The hail had left nothing. He felt that he would have no corn that year and his family would go hungry that year. He could see a b

A Letter to God (CBSE) - Extract Based comprehension Questions-Answers

 A Letter to God Extract Based comprehension Questions-Answers {1} It did not pass quickly. For an hour the hail rained on the house, the garden, the hillside, the cornfield, on the whole valley. The field was white, as if covered with salt. Not a leaf remained on the trees. The corn was totally destroyed. The flowers were gone from the plants. Lencho's soul was filled with sadness.  Q.1. What does it' refer to in the first sentence? Ans. 'it' refers to the sudden hailstorm that destroyed Lencho's crops completely. Q.2. What is ironical about the situation as described in the above extract? Ans. A moment ago, Lencho was happy and hopeful that a rain shower would boost his harvest. But ironically, it turned to hailstorm and consequently his crops were destroyed completely. Q.3. Why was Lencho's soul filled with sadness?  Ans. Lencho's soul was filled with sadness because his corn had been completely destroyed.  Q.4. What did he do to overcome the situation? A

Two Stories about Flying Chapter -3 | Part-II The Black Aeroplane | CBSE | NCERT

Two Stories about Flying The Black Aeroplane (Frederick Forsyth) Chapter – 3 Part- 1 Q. 1. I’ll take the risk. “What is the risk? Why does the narrator take it? Ans. The risk was the dark stormy clouds that loomed in the sky under such weather condition it was risky to fly an Aeroplane and also the narrator do not have enough feel to fly. The narrator wanted to take the risk as he was been to be with his family back have in England and wished to have a big and hearty English breakfast. Q. 2. Describe the narrator experience as he flew the Aeroplane into the storm? Ans. The narrator was happy and at ease while flying his plane on his way back to England. But the fierce storm and dark clouds made him sliver as he was unable to see anything ahead of him. This frightened him as he feared that he weight lose his way and would be eventually lost. He could not believe his eyes when he found the compass and radio dead. He also lost contact with pairs control and hence had no r

A Letter to God Chapter-1 | Class-10th | NCERT | CBSE

A Letter to God (G.L Fuents) Chapter – 1 Question / Answers:- Q.1. How did the rain change? What happened to Lencho’s fields? Answer. The pleasant rain was followed by a strong wind and hailstorm for an hour them house, corn field and the in tire valley. The hailstorm completely destroys the corn field and rain round the crops. Q.2. Who or What did Lencho hair faith in? What did he do? Answer. Lencho hand unshakable faith and trust in God. He wrote a letter to God asking him for hundred pesos. Q.3. Who read letter? What did he do then? Answer. The postmaster read the letter the decided to help the farmer. He asked his employs and his friends to contribute money. He himself gave a part of his salary and collected seventy pesos and sent it to Lencho. Q.4. Was lencho surprised to find a letter for him with money in it? Answer. Lencho has strong belief that his letter will reach God and he wills surely him. So, Lencho was not surprised, rather confident to find

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