A Letter to God Chapter-1 | Class-10th | NCERT | CBSE

A Letter to God (G.L Fuents)

Chapter – 1

Question / Answers:-

Q.1. How did the rain change? What happened to Lencho’s fields?
Answer. The pleasant rain was followed by a strong wind and hailstorm for an hour them house, corn field and the in tire valley. The hailstorm completely destroys the corn field and rain round the crops.

Q.2. Who or What did Lencho hair faith in? What did he do?
Answer. Lencho hand unshakable faith and trust in God. He wrote a letter to God asking him for hundred pesos.

Q.3. Who read letter? What did he do then?
Answer. The postmaster read the letter the decided to help the farmer. He asked his employs and his friends to contribute money. He himself gave a part of his salary and collected seventy pesos and sent it to Lencho.

Q.4. Was lencho surprised to find a letter for him with money in it?
Answer. Lencho has strong belief that his letter will reach God and he wills surely him. So, Lencho was not surprised, rather confident to find a letter with money in it.

Q. 5. What made Lencno angry?
Answer. Lencho was angry because he had asked for a hundred pesos from God. Bud when he counted the money. It was thirty pesos less. He trusts that God therefore knew that he will not ignore his request.

Q. 6. Why does the postmaster send money to Lencho? Why does he sign the letter “God”?
Answer. The postmaster sends the money to Lencho because he was surprised to see Lencho faith and belief in God and he did not wish to break it. So, in order to keep in faith intact, he collects money from his employs and also contributes something of his own and sales mail it to Lencho. Who genially save Lencho and his family from hunger? So, he decides to send money to Lencho.
He signs a letter ‘God’ he does not want to break lencho faith and trust in God. He wanted Lencho to believe that God has listen his prayers and send the money to rescue his family from misery and distress.

Q. 8. Did Lencho try to find out who had sent the money to him? Why, why not?
Answer. No, Lencho did not make any attempt to find out who has sent the money to him as truly believe that God has listen his prayers and came to his rescue. He has immense faith and hope that God will surely help him. He has never thought that someone other than God Will sent him money or help him

Q. 9. Who does Lencho think has taken his money? Who is the irony in the situation?
Answer. Lencho was happy and delight it to receive the money from God but was disappointed to see that the amount short of thirty pesos. Lencho thought that the money sent by God was stolen by the employs of post office. The irony here is that it was the postmaster and the employees of post office who has collected the money and mailed to Lencho. What Lencho who has irony faith and trust in God has lack of faith in his fellow brings, who had good situation to save Lencho and his family from starvation.



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