The Happy Prince Lesson- 1 Short Questions-Answers (PSEB)

  The Happy Prince (Oscar Wilde)  

10th Class PSEB Examination-Style Questions And Answers 

Short-Answer Type Textual Questions (15-20 Words)
Note: Please seek the help of your teacher
Q. 1. Where did the statue of the Happy Prince stand?
Ans. The statue of the Happy Prince stood on a high column above the city.

Q. 2. How was the statue decorated?
Ans. The statue was decorated with precious stones and gold.

Q. 3. Where was the Swallow going?
Ans. The Swallow was going to Egypt.

Q. 4. Why did the Swallow put up between the feet of the Happy Prince?
Ans. Because there was plenty of  fresh  air. It  was fine place for Swallow.

Q. 5. Where were the drops coming  from?
Ans. The drops were coming from the eyes of the Happy prince. 

Q. 6.  Why was the Happy Prince Crying?
Ans. The Happy Prince was crying to see the misery and sorrows of his city.

Q. 7. Describe the seamstress in the words of the Prince?
Ans. She was a poor and thin lady. Her child was ill.

Q. 8. Why was the seamstress’s little boy crying?
Ans. He was very ill. He was crying for oranges.

Q. 9. How did the Happy Prince and the Swallow help the seamstress?
Ans.  The helped her  by giving Ruby.

Q. 10. Why did the Swallow  feel  warm?
Ans. The Swallow felt warm because he did a good deed.

Q. 11.  What troubled the young man in the garret?
Ans.  The young man was hungry. There was no fire in his garret.

Q. 12. How was the young man helped?
Ans. The young man was helped by Happy Prince and Swallow with precious stone.

Q. 13. Why was the match girl crying?
Ans.  Because  her matches had fallen into the gutter. They were all spoiled.

Q. 14. The Swallow said to the Prince, “I will stay with you always.” Why?
Ans. Because the Happy Prince had became blind.

Q. 15. How did the poor Swallow manage to live in so much cold?
Ans.  The poor swallow manage to live by flapping his wings.

Q. 16. Why did the statue of Happy Prince pulled down?
Ans. Because it was  looking so ugly.

Q. 17. What were the two most precious things in the city?
Ans. The dead Swallow and the broken heart of Happy Prince were the two most precious things.

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