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VI Class-Chapter-3 The Lake of The Moon

 VI Class-Chapter-3 The Lake of The Moon Activity 1: Dictionary Reference: Learning New Words majestic :ਸ਼ਾਨਦਾਰ  tusker: ਹਾਥੀ  severe: ਗੰਭੀਰ  drought:ਸੋਕਾ  prevent: ਰੋਕਣਾ  messenger: ਦੂਤ  reflect: ਝਲਕ protection: ਸੁਰੱਖਿਆ disturb:ਪਰੇਸ਼ਾਨ  to and fro: ਇੱਥੇ ਅਤੇ ਉੱਥੇ Activity 2:Match the following things/birds with their group name: 1.fruits– a basket of fruits  2.keys – a bunch of keys 3.books – a library of books a pack of cards 5. flowers- a bouquet of flowers  6. shoes- a pair of shoes Activity 3: Choose the correct option and put a tick: 1. What happened in the area where the elephants lived? a. there were floods  b. there was no water  c. there was fire in the jungle. Ans.there was no water (b) 2. The elephant king told the elephant to go to a. different Lakes  b. the moon  c. different directions Ans. different directions (c) 3. What was close to the lake? a. a big forest  b. a colony of rabbits  c. the moon Ans.a colony of rabbits (b) 4. Why did rabbits panic? a. thousand

Class-VI Chapter-2 POEM: My Furry Friend

 Class-VI Chapter-2 POEM: My Furry Friend Activity 1: Dictionary Reference: Learning New Words 1.Tummy: ਪੇਟ  2.nibbles: ਕੁਤਰਨਾ 3.tear down: ਢਾਹ ਦੇਣਾ  4.conversation: ਗੱਲਬਾਤ 5.quick on feet:ਪੈਰਤੇਤੇਜ਼ 6. fuss: ਹਫੜਾ-ਦਫੜੀ  7. growls: ਗਰਜਣਾ 8.frown: ਗੁੱਸਾ  9. treat: ਪਾਰਟੀ Activity 2: Give the rhyming words of the following words: 1. bus- us, fuss, discuss 2. light-bite, fight, right 3. neat- meat, treat, eat Activity 3: Read the following words / phrases and use them in meaningful sentences: 1. conversation: I was listening to their  conversation . 2. frown: I don’t keep any frown on my forehead. 3. tear down: He tore down his gift. 4. quick on feet: I was quick on my feet to see the lion. Activity 4:Write a few things about the furry friend of the poet. Ans. 1. The poet’s furry friend is alovely puppy. 2. He is black and white. 3. He looks happy. 4. He has soft brown eyes. 5. He is small in size. 6. He has a fat tummy. 7.He makes a funny noise Activity 5:Read and answer. 1. I brought ho

Say No Lesson-2 (Class-8th) Question Answer

Lesson - 2  Say No Question Answer (Class-VIII) Q.1. Who was the king's favourite and why? Ans. Gopal was king’s favourite because he was very clever and witty. Q. 2. Who were the king's courtiers and ministers jealous of and why ? Ans. The king's courtiers and ministers jealous of Gopal because Gopal was king’s  favourite. Q. 3. What did the courtiers ask the king to do? Ans. The courtiers ask the king to say ‘no’ to Gopal. Q. 4. What discussion was going on in the court? Ans. The king wanted to know how the people of his kingdom could be made wise and  intelligent. He was discussing it in the court. Q. 5. What was Gopal's suggestion to make the people intelligent? Ans. Gopal suggested that people should have discussion on some topic every day, for at  least one hour. Q. 6. What did Gopal realize when the king said 'no' to whatever he said? Ans. He realized that it was some dirty plan of the king's ministers who wanted to

Lesson-3 A Story From Bapu’s Life English Reader Textbook For Class VI (6th)

ENGLISH READER Textbook for Class VI LESSON 3 ( A Story From Bapu’s Life ) EXERCISE I. Answer each question briefly:- Q. 1. The little boy was very upset. Why? Ans. The little boy was upset to see Bapu without a shirt. Q.   2. What did he ask Bapu ji? Ans. he asked why Bapu ji did not wear a Kurta. Q.   3. Why could Gandhi ji not buy even a single Kurta? Ans. Gandhi ji believed that until every Indian had a Kurta how he could wear one; that was why he didn’t buy even a single Kurta. Q.   4. Who made Kurtas for the little boy? Ans. Her mother made Kurtas for the little boy. Q.   5. What is the title given to Gandhi ji because of his loving nature? Ans. ‘The Father of Nation’. II. Choose the correct option to fill in the blanks:- 1. Gandhi ji was a great man. (a)Ordinary  (b) Great   (c) Intelligent 2. Children loved visiting Gandhi ji. (a) Hated  (b) Loved   (c)Ignored  3. Gandhi ji needed forty crore Kurtas. (a)  Forty   (b)Fifty  (c)Sixty 4. The

Lesson-2 Bangle Seller English Reader Textbook For Class VI (6th)

ENGLISH READER Textbook for Class VI LESSON 2 ( Bangle Seller) EXERCISE I - Answer these questions :  Q. 1. Who is Ram lal? Ans. Ram Lal is a bangle seller. Q. 2. What is the first line of Ram Lal’s song? Ans. Bangles, bangles, come and buy these bang les. Q. 3. How many bangles did Mrs. Verma buy from Ram lal? Ans.She bought four green and eight red bangles. Q. 4. What did Rita give to Ram Lal’s daughter? Ans Rita gave her bananas. Q. 5. Where were Rita”s old bangles? Ans She gave them to her friends. II - Work in pairs and decide who say these words and to whom in this story:- Q.1. ‘I gave them to my friend Sita’. Ans. Rita says these words to Mrs. Verma. Q.2. ‘Don’t break these too’. Ans. Mrs. Verma says these words to Rita. Q.3. ‘Is that your daughter?’ Ans. Rita says these words to the Bangle Seller. Q.4. ‘All right, go in and bring some’. Ans. Mrs. Verma says these words to Rita. Q.5. ‘Father will put them on your arms.’ Ans. Sheela says t

Lesson-1 Brave Sunderlal (English Reader Textbook For Class VI (6th)

ENGLISH READER Textbook for Class VI LESSON 1 (BRAVE SUNDERLAL) EXERCISE I. Answer these questions: Q.1.  What work did Sunder’s father do? Ans.  He was the incharge of a level crossing . Q.2. What did Sunder see on the railway track? Ans. He saw a boulder on the railway track. Q.3. Where did sunder’s father run for help? Ans. He ran to the nearest railway station for help. Q.4.   What would have happened if Sunder had not stopped the train? Ans. The train would meet with an accident. Q.5. Who rewarded sunder and why? Ans. The President of India Rewarded Sunder for his bravery. II. write T for True and F for false statements in the box: 1. Sunder could see the boulder because of lightning. (TRUE) 2. Sunder ran to the villagers for help. (FALSE) 3. Sunder signaled the driver to stop. (TRUE) 4. The Prime Minister rewarded Sunder for his bravery. (FALSE) III. Fill in the blanks: 1. Sunder belonged to ________ (a) Gujrat (b) Bengal (c) Pun

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