Lesson-3 A Story From Bapu’s Life English Reader Textbook For Class VI (6th)


Class VI

LESSON 3 (A Story From Bapu’s Life

I. Answer each question briefly:-

Q. 1. The little boy was very upset. Why?
Ans. The little boy was upset to see Bapu without a shirt.

Q. 2. What did he ask Bapu ji?
Ans. he asked why Bapu ji did not wear a Kurta.

Q. 3. Why could Gandhi ji not buy even a single Kurta?
Ans. Gandhi ji believed that until every Indian had a Kurta how he could wear one; that was why he didn’t buy even a single Kurta.

Q. 4. Who made Kurtas for the little boy?
Ans. Her mother made Kurtas for the little boy.

Q. 5. What is the title given to Gandhi ji because of his loving nature?
Ans. ‘The Father of Nation’.

II. Choose the correct option to fill in the blanks:-

1. Gandhi ji was a great man.
(a)Ordinary  (b)Great  (c) Intelligent

2. Children loved visiting Gandhi ji.
(a) Hated  (b)Loved  (c)Ignored 

3. Gandhi ji needed forty crore Kurtas.
(a) Forty  (b)Fifty  (c)Sixty

4. The little boy felt pity for Gandhi ji.
(a)Pity  (b)Happy  (c)Bad

5. The whole country was Gandhi ji’s family. 
(a)Family  (b)Enemy  (c)Friend

III. Write T for True and F for False:-

1. The little boy’s sister sewed well. (F)
2. Gandhi ji is called ‘Father of the Nation’. (T)
3. Gandhi ji never wore any shirt. (T)
4. The little boy brought a shirt for Gandhi ji. (F)
5. Gandhiji was very loving and caring. (T)

A. Choose the synonyms of the underlined words from the box and rewrite the each sentence:-
True  --   little  --   look  --   close   --  clever  --   spend   --  arrived   --   correct   
1. She is a smart girl.
She is a clever girl.

2. Please shut the door
Please open the door.

3. I know the real story.
I know the true story.

4. See, what he is doing!
Look, what he is doing!

5. The train came very late.
The train arrived very late.

6. He gave the right answer.
He gave the correct answer.

7. You made a small mistake.
You made a little mistake.

8. How do you pass your Sundays?
How do you spend your Sundays?

B. Put in ‘much’ or ‘many’ :

1. He doesn’t eat much food.
2. He doesn’t read many books.
3. How many eggs did you buy?
4. How much bread did you buy?
5. There were many boys in the hall.
6. There wasn’t much light in the room.
7. There isn’t much coffee in the pot.
8. I don’t have many friends in this city.

C. Rewrite the following sentences using MUCH\MANY in place of ‘A LOT OF’ :-

1. She got a lot of presents on her birthday.
She got many presents on her birthday.

2. A lot of people were queuing up for the film.
Many people were queuing up for the film.

3. Children gave a lot of trouble to their mother.
Children gave much trouble to their mother.

4. A student has to spend a lot of money on books.
A student has to spend much money on books.

5. A lot of boys were absent yesterday.
Many boys were absent yesterday.



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