Lessson- 11 Our Civilisation- I-II Class-8th Question Answer

Lessson- 11 Our Civilisation- I

Texual Quetions & Answers 8th English
Q. 1. Why do modern human beings seem very lazy?
Ans. Modern human beings seem very lazy because they get almost all their work done by machines.

Q. 2. Is man really very lazy? How can you say that?
Ans. No, man is not lazy at all. In fact, he is the most restless and energetic of all living creatures.

Q. 3. Why do you think man has invented machines?
Ans. I think man has invented machines to save his time and energy. He also wants to avoid boring jobs.

Q. 4. How can you say our modern civilization has order and safety?
Ans. In disputes, right has taken the place of might. Besides, law protects us from robbery and violence.

Q. 5. What does the law do when there is a burglary?
Ans. The law punishes the burglars whenever it catches them.

Q. 6. How are order and safety important for us?
Ans. Without order and safety higher activities of mankind that make up civilization could not go on.

Q. 7. What has made it possible to kill the pain of operations?
Ans. Anesthetics have made it possible to kill the pain of operations.

Q. 8. How is our civilization more secure than any other civilization?
Ans. This is because our civilization is far more widely spread.

Q. 9. How can you say that the world has become a single place?
Ans. The things lying in a grocer's shop come from all over the world. It shows that the world has become a single place.

Lessson- 11 Our Civilisation- II

Q. 1. What are the good points of a democracy?
Ans. In a democracy, all the people are equal before law. All have a right in deciding who shall govern them and how.

Q. 2. Which can be the negative things in a democracy?
Ans. The sharing out of money is unfair in a democracy. A few people are very rich while others are poor.

Q. 3. What is the difference between the life of the rich and the poor?
Ans. The rich lead a life of luxury whereas the poor have not enough to eat and drink.

Q. 4. What sad things can be seen even in the finest cities of the world?
Ans. Even in the finest cities of the world, thousands of people live in dreadful surroundings. Many families of five or six members live in single room.

Q. 5. What has made war immensely dangerous in modern times?
Ans. The use of atom bombs has made war immensely dangerous in modern times.

Q. 6. What can happen if there is another war in the world?
Ans. There can be a total destruction of civilization if there is another war in the world.

Q. 7. What is wrong in the use of machines by the modern man?
Ans. Modern man does not know how to manage his machines.

Q. 8. How should we use the time and energy machines have saved for us?
Ans. We should try to become more civilized by making the beautiful things.

Q. 9. What do you think is meant by being civilized?
Ans. Being civilized means making and liking beautiful things.



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