Saint Ravidas Lesson-10 (Class-8th) Question Answer

Texual Quetions & Answers

8th English

Lessson-10 Saint Ravidas

Q. 1. When do saints and sages appear on the earth?
Ans. Whenever the moral or social life of people shows signs of decay, some saint or sage appears on the earth.

Q. 2. How did Ravidasji influence the Hindu society?
Ans. Saint Ravidas infused new life and vitality into the Hindu society.

Q. 3. When and where was Ravidas born?
Ans. Ravidas ji was born in the year 1377 at Banaras.

Q. 4. What desire of his (Ravidas's) parents remained unfulfilled?
Ans. His parents desired to have him educated. But this desire of theirs remained unfulfilled.

Q. 5. Why could Ravidas not continue with his studies?
Ans. Ravidasji found an unfriendly atmosphere at school. So he could not put his heart into studies.

Q. 6. What was it that left a deep scar on his mind?
Ans. He (Ravidasji) had a very painful and unpleasant experience at school. It left a deep scar on his mind.

Q. 7. What did Ravidas's teacher notice about him?
Ans. Ravidas's teacher noticed that he was not an ordinary child. He was destined for some higher purpose in life.

Q. 8. Who was Ravidasji in search of and why?
Ans. Ravidas ji was in search of some spiritual teacher who could show him the right path.

Q. 9. What did Swami Ramanand do for Ravidas?
Ans. Swami Ramanand kindled spirtual flame in Ravidas that changed his life.

Q. 10. When did Swami Ramanand ask Ravidas to go back home?
Ans. When Swami Ramanand was satisfied that the spiritual flame had been kindled permanently in Ravidas, he asked him to go home.

Q. 11. What place did Saint Ravidas choose for his meditation?
Ans. He chose a peaceful area of the forest in Banaras for his meditation.

Q. 12. How did Saint Ravidas save the deer family from the hunter?
Ans. Saint Ravidas saved the deer family from the cruel hunter with his sweet words and charming personality.

Q. 13. What change came in the hunter after his contact with Saint Ravidas?
Ans. All the evil thoughts in his mind were washed away.

Q. 14. What were the main points of Saint Ravidas's teachings?
Ans. The main points of Saint Ravidas's teachings were—(a) All are equal in the eyes of God. (b) The distinctions of caste, colour and creed are meaningless. (c) Untouchability is a sin against humanity.

Q. 15. How did Saint Ravidas pass the last days of his life?
Ans. Saint Ravidas passed the last days of his life peacefully, untouched by materialistic world.



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