Use the following Word/Phrases into sentences (Class-8th) Part-1

Use the following word/phrases into sentences




1. A number of (a quantity of people or things) - He had to face a number of problems in his life.

2. Advance (progress) — India has made  great advances in the field of industry and agriculture.

3. Alms  - The beggar stretched his hand out for alms.

4. Anesthetics (drugs causing sleep or numbness) - Anesthetics save us from the pain of operations.

5. Architect.(a person whose job is designing buildings) - Le Cor-busier was a famous French architect.

6. Beckon (to give a signal) — He beckoned to the waiter to bring the bill.

7. Brutal (violent and cruel) - It was a case of brutal murder.

8. Carry out (obey) — I always carry out the orders of my elders.

9. Charm (attraction) — Flowers have a charm of their own.

10. Cherished (loved deeply) — The most cherished possession of parents are their children.

11. Creation (a thing that has been made) — All the world is God's creation.

12. Critical (very serious) — The patient'condition is critical.

13. Curiosity (eagerness to know) — He had a natural curiosity to learn new things.

14. Dependent (needing the support) — She is still dependent on her parents.

15. Depression (state of feeling very sad) — She was in severe depression after her husband's death.

16. Destroy (damage badly) — Floods have destroyed the crops.

17. Diminish (decrease) — The world's resources are diminishing day by day.

18. Dispute (quarrel) - We have no dispute with our neighbor.

19. Distinction (difference) — I make no distinction between boys and girls.

20. Due to (because off - The plan failed due to lack of funds.

21. Earthquake (a sudden movement of the earth) — There are frequent earthquakes in Japan.

22. Endeavor (effort) He made a big endeavor to save the child.

23. Enormously (in a big way) — Prices have gone up enormously.

24. Essence (the most important quality) — Love is the essence of life.

25. Eternal (living for ever) — Material things are not eternal.

26. Extra (more than usual) - Take extra care when you are among strangers. 

27. Fanaticism—blind faith,—He suffers not only from blindness but fanaticism also.

28. Fascinated (attracted greatly); The beauty of the mountains fascinated.

29. Generate (produce something) - We can generate electricity from water.

30. Glow (shine) —His eyes glowed with happiness.

31. Haunt (keep coming to the mind again and again) — The sad face of my mother haunted me day and nigh.

32. Ignorant (lacking knowledge) — He is still ignorant about our plan.

33. Immortal (never dying) — The human soul is immortal.

34. Impression (effect) — My words had no impression on him.

35. In spite of (despite) — He went there in spite of my warning.
36. Invalid (unable to take care of oneself) - The accident left him an invalid.

37. Invasion—(attack)—India faced many invasions by the foreigners.

38. Invent (to make something new) - Graham Bell invented the telephone.

39. Irrigate (supply water for crops to grow well) - We have a canal near our village to irrigate our fields.

40. Lament (expression of great sadness) — The mother's lament over the death of her child was heart-rending.

41. Lasting (staying for a long time) — My advice had a lasting influence on him.

42. Limbs (parts of body) - Machines are man's extra limbs.

43. Literally (exactly) — The rebukes of a mother should never be taken literally.

44. Luxury (enjoying special and expensive things) — The rich can enjoy all the luxuries of life.



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