Sympathy Class-VIII Poem



The central idea of the poem is how we should help
a man in trouble. We may give him money. But this
is charity. The best help to give him is our

Q. 1. How did the proud man help the poet?
Ans. The proud man helped the poet with gold. He did not show any sympathy to him.

Q. 2. How did the poor man help the poet?
Ans. The poor man served the poet day and night. He bound his head and gave him bread.

Q. 3. What according to the poet is greater than gold?
Ans. According to the poet, sympathy is greater than gold.

Q. 4. When could the poet stand erect and why?
Ans. The poet could stand erect after he got well. He stood erect to say thanks to the rich man.



I lay in sorrow, deep distressed;
My grief a proud man heard;
His looks were cold, he gave me gold,
But not a kindly word.

1. What was wrong with the poet?
Ans. The poet was in great pain. He lay in
the bed.

2. How did the proud man help him?
Ans. The proud man helped the poet with money. But
he did not say a kindly word to him.


My sorrow passed — I paid him back
The gold he gave to me;
Then stood erect and spoke my thanks,
And blessed his charity.

1. What did the poet pay back and when?
Answers 1. The poet paid back the gold when he got well.

2. How did he thank the man?
Ans. He stood erect and thanked the man. He also blessed his charity.


I lay in want, and grief and pain
A poor man passed my way ;
He bound my head, he gave me bread,
He watched me night and day.

1. What was the poet's condition?
Answers 1. The poet was in great pain. He needed someone's help.

2. Who helped the poet and how?
Ans. A poor man helped the poet. He bound his head and gave him bread.


How shall I pay him back again
For all he did to me?
Oh, gold is great, but greater far
Is heavenly sympathy.

1. What is the poet's problem?
Ans. The poet's problem is that he does not know how to pay back the poor man for his help.

2. The poor man's help is greater than gold. How?
Ans. Gold is not important for the sick poet. It cannot lessen his pain. But the poor man's help gives great relief. It kills his pain. Thus the poor man's help is really greater than gold.



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