The Kabuliwallah Subject English Class-B.A

The Kabuliwallah

By Rabindranath Tagore

Class-B.A, Subject-English (Notes), Pbi. Uni. Patiala

The Lesson ‘The Kabuliwallah’ is written by Rabindranath Tagore. In This lesson, he shows the psychology of a criminal novel and feeling of a father to her daughter. It also deals with an uneducated and villager man. There are some elements of poverty in the Afghanistan and there are some difficulties to earn and to live in these world criminals also have feelings like us. Its main focus is to show the corrupted system of court and their illegal actions.
In this lesson a Kabuliwallah Rehman comes from Afghanistan to Calcutta to sell his dry fruits. He becomes friendly with Minni. When he saw her, she was in full fear because she was thinking the Kabulliwallah is a kidnapper. But when Rehman gives her some dry fruits they become friends. But one day Rehman was quarreling with a man who was refusing to give his borrowed money. In anger, Rehman stabbed him. Now he was by Police and throws him in Prison.
Time passed and Minni grow into a beautiful young girl. On her wedding day, Rehman comes and met her. He shows the hand Print of her daughter. Minni’s father gives him one hundred rupees to return to his family in Afghanistan. Rehman goes to meet his daughter and Minni leaves her parents home for his father-in-law’s house.
In the end we can say that this lesson has very significance. We learn to help the needy and poor people. We should show compassion with criminals and love for children. In this way you can lead your life with pleasure.



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