Four Paragraphs Class-VIII

Our School Peon

Karam Singh is our school peon. He is about forty years old. He wears a khaki uniform. He is very active and hardworking. He reaches the school before it opens. He opens the doors and windows. He dusts the headmaster's office. He takes his seat in front of the headmaster's office. He knows his job well. He rings the school bell. He goes from class to class with the order book. He goes to the bank. He also goes to the post- office. He brings the dak. He gives pieces of chalk to the students. He is very respectful and obedient. He is gentle and polite. He is honest and trustworthy. His work is very hard but his pay is small. The government should raise his pay.

The Policeman

The policeman is a useful public servant. He is tall and healthy. He  wears a khaki uniform and a turban with a red band. There is a leather belt round his waist. The belt has a plate with a number on it. He has a staff (T) in his hand. The policeman looks very active. He does many jobs. He maintains law and order. He controls the traffic. He patrols at night. He catches the thieves. He guards our houses. He saves life and property. He helps the needy. He settles the disputes. He leads a hard and risky life. People should co-operate with him. He is our helper and guide. The present government is improving his lot.

A Visit To A Hospital

Last Sunday my friend met with an accident. He was returning home from school on his bicycle. A three- wheeler struck him from behind. He fell down. He immediately rushed to the hospital. I came to know about the accident. I went to the hospital. It was a big hospital. There were many wards. My friend was in the special ward. All the wards were neat and clean. The nurses looked very active. They were in white dresses. They were kind and polite. My friend was lying in the bed. He had been bandaged. He had received a simple fracture. He was cheerful. His mother was sitting beside him. I stayed with him for one hour. I cheared him and returned home.

A Volleyball Match

Last Sunday a Volleyball match was played between Leaders Club and Hero Club. It was played in Dussehra ground. I was also a member of the Leaders Club. The players were in uniforms. Both the teams were equally strong. There was a great rush. Mr. Raman was the referee. He whistled and the match started. It was interesting and well contested. We won the first game. We won the second game also. Thus we won the match. People praised my game. We received the trophy. The captain of our team was taken on shoulders in a procession. It was a memorable day for all of us.



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