Uncle Podger Hangs a Picture Class-B.A

Uncle Podger Hangs a picture
By Jerome K. Jerome.

The lesson ‘Uncle Podge Hangs a Picture’ is full of comic scenes written by Jerome K. Jerome. It is a story of the short comings of man who never tries to do the hard job. But when he does any activity at home he involves the all family members in the little act. We find these they start to work, they create a lot of disturbance in the society and family with miner activities, through this act has not great prominence. They use abusive language to another person. They pretend to be great with miner work. So, it is also a satire on the less working persons.
In this lesson Uncle Podger is a comic character and he tries to hang a picture on a wall. He sends a girl to the shop but forgets to tell her he size of nails. So a boy also follows her. He remains busy in this act. When he works on the wall to hang the picture he creates disturbance. When he gives a bolt to the nail suddenly lost his balance and gets injury on his thumb and drops the hammer which becomes the reason of injury to the girl also. Now all family members finding his hanker chief. Uncle again rebukes them in fact he is sitting on the coat. Again they start their activity. Now he forgets hammer and other instruments. After some time when he drops the string, lost his balance and fell on a piano, which creates a sweet voice. Again he rebukes Aunt says, she will go t her mother’s house if again he plan to hang the picture on wall. At midnight when all members are fatigue only Uncle Podger is happy they finished their activity to hang the picture. Now Uncle Podger comments, all people are fools who call another person for such minor activity but I can do these hard works easily without any payment another person. So, he is pretending to be a great, powerful and wise man in the others. Though he creates disturbance in family, but he is happy for doing work.
In the end we can say that this lesson is one of them which give you a lesson to find pleasure in work. If we are all doing an activity then try to do it on your own behalf. But when you involve another person, it becomes the cause of disturbance to them. So it is a comedy mixture with satire.

Character sketch of Uncle Podger

1. Introduction:-   
                                Uncle Podger is a protagonist of the story ‘Uncle Podger Hangs a Picture’ written by Jerome K. Jerome. The Whole story revolves around him. He is the pivot of the story without him the whole story fall down like a hut made of mud and straw.  He plays a great role in the story like a good character.
2. Abusive Character:-
                                                Uncle Podger is an abusive character. He rebukes all the members of his family when forgets hammer and nails. When he gets injury, all members were in fear. He rebukes them for not finding his hanker chief. Aunt says, I will never send my children to this house because Podger is doing such a shameful activities with his abusive nature. He becomes the source of despise for other.
3. Creates trouble:-
                                When he starts to hang the picture he creates a lot of disturbance in the family. He drops hammer which becomes a reason of injury to a girl. He rebukes them. He involves all the members in hanging the picture. He falls many times and lost all the plaster of the wall. His wife says I will go to my mother’s house when next. He will plan to hang the picture. At midnight, they all are fatigued but only uncle Podger was happy.
4. Lake of mental ability:-
                                                Uncle Podger suffering with lack of mental ability. He has no proper plan to hang a picture. It’s a little act but he involves all the members. He sends a girl to buy nails and another boy to tell her size of the nails. One hold a torch and other hold the chair, nails, string and hammer when he loser his balance then he falls on a Piano.
5. Absent minded person:-
                                                Uncle Podger is an absent minded person. He forgets to tell the size of nails, his own coat and hammer.  When he falls he forgets the rights marks on the wall. He creates trouble when he forgets where I had my coat off Due to his absent mind he suffers a lot in the story.
6. Comic Character:-
                                He creates comedy in the story with his little acts where he suffers. He forgets hammer, nails, coat and other weapon. Once he drop the picture. When he falls on a Piano it creates a melodious tune. This is the tune which a comedy needs. So, we laugh a lot in the story due to the abusive and absent behaviors of Podger. He’s doing a little act but involves all the family.  
                   In the end we can say that uncle Podger is a comic, absent minded and abusive character. He is the protagonist in the story. Though he creates trouble in the family with his misdeeds but he succeeds in his works.



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