The Home Coming Lesson-7 Question Answer

Class X
Lesson – 7



NOTE-Please seek the help of your Teacher 

Q. 1. Who was Phatik?
Ans. Phatik was 14years old boy. He was ringleader of naughty boys.

Q. 2. What was new mischief he thought of?
Ans. He planned to roll away the log of wood into the river.

Q. 3. Why were Phatik and his friends annoyed with Makhan?
Ans. Because Makhan refused to obey Phatik.

Q. 4. What was Phatik’s new manoeuvre’?
Ans. He planned to roll the log and Makhan over together.

Q. 5. Why did Phatik beat Makhan even in the presence of his mother?
Ans. Because Makhan lied his mother.

Q. 6. Was Makhan speaking the truth?
Ans. No, he was not speaking the truth.

Q. 7. Why did Phatik’s mother want to send him away to her brother’s house?
Ans. He beat Makhan one day. His mother was worried about Phatik behaviors.

Q. 8. How was Phatik received by his aunt?
 Ans. His aunt was not happy to see him.

Q. 9. Why couldn’t he do well at school?
How did Phatik fare at his new school in Kolkata?
Ans. Because he was the most backward boy in the school.

Q. 10. How did Phatik’s aunt behave on learing about the loss of his book?
Ans. She was very angry. She schooled him.

Q. 11. What was the immediate reason for Phatik’s departure from his uncle’s house?
Ans. Phatik was very ill. He did not want to upset his aunt.

Q. 12. Why did Bishamber send for his sister?
Ans. Because Phatik was  very  ill. He wanted to see his mother.

Q. 13. What were Phatik’s last words?
Ans. His last words were,”Mother, the holidays have come.”



Q. 1. How does Phatik feel when he is at Kolkata?
Ans. He does not feel happy. His aunt was not happy to see him. She scolds him on losing book. He is the most backward boy in the school. He feels very sad.

Q. 2. Why does Bishamber want to take Phatik to Kolkata?
Ans. Phatik is naughty boy. He is the ringleader of the boys. His mother is always angry with him. So, Bishamber wants to help his sister.

Q. 3. Who is responsible for Phatik’s death?
Ans. His mother, his uncle and his aunt are responsible for Phatik’s death. His mother is always angry with him. His aunt is also not happy to see him. Bishamber does not realize that he could not live without his mother.

Q. 8. Give a pen-portrait of Phatik.
Ans. Phatik was a 14 years old boy. He was very naughty. He was ringleader of the naughty boys. He does not like Makhan. Nobody liked him. But he was not bad by heart.

Q.9. Describe the quarrel between Phatik and Makhan.
Ans. One day, Phatik planned to rolled away a log into the river. Makhan was sitting on the log. He refused to obey Phatik. Phatik and the boys rolled the log and Makhan, over together. Makhan kicked Phatik. He went home crying.



  1. describe the physical and psychological conditions of adolescent children both boys and girls in detail. You can refer to the condition of

  2. Discribe phatik's longing for his mother and life in the village while in calcutta


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