Half a Rupee Worth Lesson-3 Question Answer

Class X
Lesson – 3

English Literature Book (Supplementary Reader)

Half a Rupee Worth


Note- Please Seek The Help of Your Teacher.

Q. 1. How did Subbiah manage to get rice during the drought?
Ans. He went village to village and collected rice. He would sell it at a very high rate and earn huge profits.

Q. 2. Those were the days when Subbiah loathed the rice bags. Which were those days? Why did the dislike the rice then?
Ans. He loathed rice bags in his childhood. He disliked rice because he did not want to stay in shop.

Q. 3. What is the meaning of the statement: ‘Rice was in his blood.’?
Ans. He knew all about rice.

Q. 4. How did Subbiah’s profits increase during the war? Did he follow the rules laid down by the government? How did he tackle the officers?
Ans. He sold the rice at high rates. He did not follow the rules. He bribed the officer.

Q. 5.  Besides selling rice, what else did Subbiah do to earn more?
Ans. He lent money at high rates of interest.

Q. 6. Who came to buy rice one evening when Subbiah was about to go home? Did he give rice to him? What did he say?
Ans. A poor man came to him. At first he refused to give rice. In the end he agreed to give rice.

Q. 7. How much rice did Subbiah agree to sell the man and for how much?
Ans. He agreed to sell him half a seer of rice for half a rupee.

Q. 8. Hey did Subbiah ask the man to wait? What reasons did he give?
Ans. He did not want to show his secret godown.

Q. 9. Where did Subbiah go to get rhe rice?
Ans. He went to his secret godown to get the rice.

Q. 10. Did the man wait for Subbiah for long? How do you know?
Ans. The man waited for Subbiah till morning.

Q. 11. Where did the man go after waiting for Subbiah for a long time? Where was he taken and by whom?
Ans. The man went to Subbiah’s house. He was taken to the secret  godown by Subbiah’s wife.

Q. 12. How did Subbiah die?
Ans. Some rice bags fell on him and he died.

Q. 13. The qualities that Subbiah possessed.
Ans. - A hard-working man
-A cruel father
-A miser
-An obedient son
-A sympathetic shopkeeper
-A religious man.
-An honest citizen.



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