One Thousand Dollars Lesson-4 Question Answer

Class X
Lesson – 4

English Literature Book (Supplementary Reader)

One Thousand Dollars


 Note- Please Seek The Help of Your Teacher.

Q. 1. Who gave $ 1,000 to Robert Gillian? Who did the money belong to? Why was it given to him?
Ans. Lawyer Tolman gave him $ 1,000. The money belonged to Robert’s uncle. His uncle had left him this money in his will.

Q. 2. Why was Bobby Gillian not happy with the money given to him?
Ans. Because it was very small amount of money.

Q. 3. What was the condition laid down by the lawyer?
Ans. Bobby would have to give the spending detail o f 1,000 dollars.

Q. 4. Who else go the money and how much?
Ans. The butler, The housekeeper and Miss Hayden got money. Each of them got ten dollars.

Q. 5. Why was Old Bryson not serious in giving suggestions to Gillian ? What were the suggestions given?
Ans. Because Bryson did not like him. He suggested him to buy a home, to give milk to 100 babies or to give pendant for Miss Lotta.

Q. 6. Which suggestion did Gillian accept? What did he do then?
Ans. He accepted to give pendant to Miss Lotta. Then he went to meet her.

Q. 7. Who was Miss Lotta Lauriere? Did she welcome Gillian’s Coming? Was she happy with his offer? Give reasons for your answer?
Ans. She was an actress. She did not welcome his coming. She was not happy. It was a cheap thing for her.

Q. 8. What did Gillian ask the driver of the cab? Did he like his answer? How do you know?
Ans. He asked him how he would use 1,000 Dollars. He didn’t like his answer.

Q. 9. Who did Gillian talk to next? Why?
Ans. He talked to blind man about 1,000 dollars.

Q. 10. Why did Gillian give his money to Miss Hayden? What did he ask her to give him and why?
Ans. He wanted to help her. He asked her a paper to write.

Q. 11. What did Gillian write in his note?
Ans. He wrote that he had given money to the best and dearest women on the earth.

Q. 12. Why did Gillian go to the lawyers again?
Ans. He went to give the detail of 1,000 dollars.

Q. 13. What had Gillian’s uncle written in the postscript of his will?
Ans. He had written Robert had spent 1,000 dollars wisely, he would get another 5,000 dollars.

Q. 14. Why did Gillian not get the rest of the money? Was he sorry for his action?
Ans. He told the lawyer that he had spent 1,000 dollars on horse races. He was not sorry for this action.

Q. 15. After talking to blind man Gillian went to……………..?
Ans. Miss Hayden.



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