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Exercise on Prepositions - English Grammar Unsolved Practice test

  Exercise on Prepositions - English Grammar Part-4 EXERCISES FOR PRACTICE Exercise 4 Fill in the blanks with appropriate Prepositions: 1.  I was surprised _______ the contents of the notice. 2.  He sat _______ the sofa. 3.  She was looking forward _______ your proposal. 4.  The cat jumped _______ the table. 5.  I fell _______ love with picturesque beauty of Darjeeling. 6.  Sudha was not afraid _______ challenges. 7.  Gulmohars were scattered all _______ the fields. 8.  The rat ran _______ its hole. 9.  I saw the advertisement _______ the Sunday newspaper. 10.  She was transferred out _______ Mumbai. Exercise 5 Fill in the blanks with appropriate Prepositions: 1.  We walked _______ the park. 2.  He lives _______ India. 3.  My grandfather’s portrait hung _______ the mantelpiece. 4.  His cat was sitting _______ table. 5.  Grandmother’s lips constantly moved _______ prayer. 6.  I was left alone _______ my village. 7.  Her face was covered _______ her silver locks. 8.  My school was attach

What are Prepositional Phrases? Free Examples and Exercises | Part-3

  What are Prepositional Phrases? Free Examples and Exercises | Part-3 165. Opposed to :  He is always  opposed to  any change. 166. Offend with :  She felt  offended with  his rude behaviour. 167. Painful to :  It is really  painful to  see him lose a close match. 168. Part from :  The lioness was not ready to  part from  her cubs. 169. Pay for :  He will have to  pay for  his actions. 170. Play at :  They like  playing at  the park. 171. Popular with :  Karishma is still very  popular with  her co-actors. 172. Prefer to :  He  prefers  village life  to  city life. 173. Passion for :  Kids have a  passion for  soft toys. 174. Pretend to :  Tammana was  pretending  t o  be sick. 175. Proud of :  Ravana was  proud of  his powers. 176. Proceed on :  He will be  proceeding  on long leave. 177. Put on :  He was  putting on  a new dress. 178. Prepared for :  A soldier is always  prepared for  a battle. 179. Preside over :  The Prime Minister will  preside over  the cabinet  meeting. 180. Pu

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