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Error Detection Nouns and Pronouns Exercise Part-1 English Grammar

NOUNS AND NOUN PHRASES 01. INCORRECT - We have received no Information’s. 01. CORRECT - We have received no Information. 02. INCORRECT - Politics are not meant for me. 02. CORRECT - Politics are not meant for me. 03. INCORRECT - He was troubled by this news. 03. CORRECT - He was troubled by this news. 04. INCORRECT - We saw beautiful scrivener in Kashmir. 04. CORRECT -  We saw beautiful scenery in Kashmir. 05. INCORRECT - I will take care of your luggage’s. 05. CORRECT - I will take care of your luggage. 06. INCORRECT - Gymnastics are given a lot of importance in our school. 06. CORRECT - Gymnastics is given a lot of importance in our school. 07. INCORRECT - There were no breads in the shop. 07. CORRECT - There were no bread in the shop. 08. INCORRECT - We have bought some new furniture’s. 08. CORRECT - We have bought some new furniture. 09. INCORRECT - Please excuse the troubles. 09. CORRECT - Please excuse me for the trouble. 10. INCORRECT - The blinds need our support. 10. CORRECT -

Linguistic principles of teaching English

Linguistic Principles The teaching of English has been influenced greatly by the linguistic. A few linguistic principles which are applicable to English language are given below: Principle 1. Importance of Sounds:  Sounds are the basic feature of a language. So the sounds of English should be given priority while teaching. The sentences of English should be spoken  with proper intonation an rhythm. Principles 2. Imitation:  The child learns his mother tongue through imitation. It is useless to lay stress on grammar as a means of learning a language. Principles 3. Importance of Context and Situations:  The child learns his mother tongue in certain situations and different contexts. Different languages items like vocabulary, structures etc. should be dealt with in the context of some appropriate situations so that the leaner may find them very near to life. Principles 4. Controlled Vocabulary:  Vocabulary of English should be taught in a controlled manner. Simple words should be ta

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