What are Prepositional Phrases? Free Examples and Exercises | Part-3

 What are Prepositional Phrases? Free Examples and Exercises | Part-3

165. Opposed to : He is always opposed to any change.
166. Offend with : She felt offended with his rude behaviour.
167. Painful to : It is really painful to see him lose a close match.
168. Part from : The lioness was not ready to part from her cubs.
169. Pay for : He will have to pay for his actions.
170. Play at : They like playing at the park.
171. Popular with : Karishma is still very popular with her co-actors.
172. Prefer to : He prefers village life to city life.
173. Passion for : Kids have a passion for soft toys.
174. Pretend to : Tammana was pretending tbe sick.
175. Proud of : Ravana was proud of his powers.
176. Proceed on : He will be proceeding on long leave.
177. Put on : He was putting on a new dress.
178. Prepared for : A soldier is always prepared for a battle.
179. Preside over : The Prime Minister will preside over the cabinet meeting.
180. Put off : He never puts off till tomorrow what he can do today.
181. Quick at : Tanya is very quick at numbers.
182. Quarrel with, over : Girls generally quarrel with each other over trifles.
183. Recommended for : I recommended him for a promotion.
184. Refer to : The policeman will refer this matter to his senior officer.
185. Refrain from : You should refrain from making such comments.
186. Rely on : True friends can be relied on in difficult moments.
187. Rejoice at : They rejoiced at their success.
188. Reply to : reply to all letters as soon as possible.
189. Related to : Kareena is related to Ranbir.
190. Rest with : The initiative rests with the leader.
191. Run into : He ran into trouble by challenging a strong opponent.
192. Send for : He sent for a doctor.
193. Set Up : I am setting up a new office at Chandigarh.
194. Sentence to : The criminal has been sentenced to life imprisonment.
195. Search for : He is searching for a new job.
196. Stand by : One must stand by friends in need.
197. Surprised at : We were surprised at his arrival.
198. Satisfied with : His parents were not satisfied with his results.
199. Suffer from : The old man is suffering from fever.
200. Similar to : His watch is similar to mine.
201. Stare at : She has been staring at me for long.
202. Superior to : This book is far superior to his earlier works.
203. Stick to : You must stick to your decision.
204. Taste for : I have a taste for good books.
205. Think of : I have been thinking of you since morning.
206. Thank for : thanked him for his help.
207. Tired of : Mothers never get tired of their children.
208. Trust in : Always trust in God.
209. Throw at : Don’t throw stones at birds.
210. Tremble with : The thief was trembling with fear.
211. Useful for : Coconut oil is useful for dry skin in winters.
212. Unfit for : He was found unfit for military duty.
213. Used to : She is not used to working outdoors.
214. Vote for : People have voted for the bold decisions taken by the Prime Minister.
215. Versed in : Chankya was well versed in diplomacy.
216. Vexed at : Shikhar Dhavan was vexed at himself for playing a loose shot.
217. Victim to : He has fallen a victim to false propaganda.
218. Wait for : We waited for him at the station.
219. Warn against : warned him against bad company.
220. Welcome to : He was welcomed to the party by the host.
221. Wonder at : wondered at the beauty of The Taj.
222. Worthy of : Virat is worthy of all the praise he gets.
223. Work at : I am always working at my fitness.
224. Yearn for : India yearns for a permanent membership of UN Security Council.
225. Zealous in : Sachin was zealous in his work.



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