What are Prepositional Phrases? Free Examples and Exercises | Part-2

 What are Prepositional Phrases? Free Examples and Exercises | Part-2

105. Get along : I got along with most of my classmates..
106. Glance at : I glanced at my watch.
107. Grateful to : I am always grateful to my teachers for imparting me valuable knowledge.
108. Guilty of : He was found guilty of telling lies.
109. Happy about : Party workers were happy about the victory in Panchayat Elections.
110. Happen to : Something terrible happened to him.
111. Hope for : One should always hope for better life.
112. Hopeful of : I am hopeful of success in the final results.
113. Hanker after : Don’t hanker after wealth.
114. Hatred for : Let there be no hatred for anyone.
115. Hand over : People handed over the pickpocket to the police.
116. Hostile to : We shouldn’t be hostile to new ideas.
117. Hint at : The Army Chief hinted at more surgical strikes against the terrorists.
118. Hurl at : A journalist hurled a shoe at a leader.
119. Ignorant of : Being ignorant of laws is no excuse.
120. Inferior to : His painting was inferior to none.
121. Insist on : You must insist on the quality of services.
122. Indifferent to : The management has been indifferent to the demands of the workers.
123. Impress with : He was impressed with her work.
124. Inquire after : She inquired after my health.
125. Incline to : He is inclined to join the new job.
126. Jealous of : Ajit is jealous of his colleague’s success.
127. Junior to : Mani is junior to Sunny by two years.
128. Jumped at : The customers jumped at the lucrative offers made during the Diwali sale.
129. Jump into : Ram jumped into the river to save the drowning child.
130. Judge by : We should judge a man by his actions.
131. Keen on : She seemed keen on finishing the work.
132. Kind to : We must be kind to animals.
133. Known by : A man is known by the company he keeps.
134. Known to : Anand is known to me for many years.
135. Knock at : Someone is knocking at the door.
136. Key to : Hard work is the key to success.
137. Laugh at : We should not laugh at others.
138. Lame of : His dog is lame of one leg.
139. Listen to : Always listen to your teachers’ advice.
140. Lead to : This lane leads to the main market.
141. Look into : The police is looking into the matter.
142. Look after : He is looking after his ailing sister.
143. Lament for : There is no use lamenting for the lost time now.
144. Limit to : There is no limit to desires.
145. Lost in : He was seen lost in thoughts.
146. Loyal to : We must be loyal to our nation.
147. Lust for : Lust for money has no limits.
148. Liable to : He is liable to fall sick if he keeps roaming in the sun.
149. Made of : The dining table is made of wood and glass.
150. Make up : You must make up your mind to succeed.
151. Married to : She is married to a rich old man.
152. Match for : He was no match for him.
153. Mistake for : He mistook her for her sister.
154. Meddle with : Try not to meddle with affairs of others.
155. Mindful of : Ranvijay has always been mindful of his actions.
156. Necessary for : Hard work is necessary for success.
157. Need of : He is in need of sound advice.
158. Notorious for : Taimur is notorious for his killings of the innocents.
159. Negligent in : A good student should not be negligent in studies.
160. Natural to : Hard work is natural to a Gurkha.
161. Obedient to : I have always been obedient to my teachers.
162. Object to : She objected to his proposal.
163. Open to : Discount sale is open to all.
164. Obliged to : I am obliged to her for her advice.


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