The Gift for Christmas Lesson-4 Question Answer

Class X
Lesson – 4



NOTE-Please seek the help of your Teacher

Q. 1. Why was Della crying?
Ans. She did not have money to buy a gift for Jim.

Q. 2. Describe the poverty of Della’s house?
Ans. Her husband Jim was a poor fallow. His income was small that their expenses.

Q. 3. What type of present had Della planned for Jim?
Ans. Della had planned a special gift for Jim.

Q. 4. What were the two prized possessions of Jim and Della?
Ans. Jim’s gold watch and Della’s beautiful long hair were the two prized possessions.

Q. 5. Describe the present Della bought for Jim.
Ans. Della bought a platinum watch chain for Jim.

Q. 6. How did Della manage to buy the gift?
Ans. Della sold her beautiful long hair for 20 Dollars and bought the gift.

Q. 7. What did she think when she looked herself in the mirror?
Ans. She felt nervous. She thought for Jim’s reaction.

Q. 8. What was Jim’s reaction on seeing Della’s hair gone?
Ans. He was not angry or surprised. He was looking simply at Della.

Q. 9. What explanation did Della give to Jim?
Ans. She said that she did not have enough money to buy the gift.

Q. 10. What was in the package that Jim had brought for Della?
Ans. A set of combs was in the package.

Q. 11. How had Jim managed to bring the present for her?
Ans. He sold his gold watch to bring the present for Della.



Q. 1. ‘Expenses had been greater than she had calculated.’ Why?
Ans. Della wanted to buy a Christmas gift for her husband. She had been saving 1.87 dollars for several months. Income of his husband was small but the expenses of their family were greater. His husband was a poor fallow.

Q. 2. Describe the incident of Della’s selling her hair?
Ans. Della wanted to buy a Christmas gift for her husband. But she had only 1.87 dollar. So, she sold her hair and bought a gift.

Q. 3. Why was Della pleased with her selection of the present for Jim?
Ans. Della wanted to buy a Christmas gift for her husband. She wanted to buy something special. She bought a platinum gold watch chain. It was simple and well made.

Q. 4. Why does the story writer call Jim ‘a poor fellow?
Ans. Jim was 20 years old. His income was small. He earned only 20 dollars a week. The rent of his home was 8 dollars. His family’s expenses were greater than his income.

Q. 5. What do you think about the expression in Jim’s eyes?  Was it shock, surprise or anger? Why?
Ans. Della sold her hair. When Jim came home, he simply looked at her with a strange expression. It was not shock, surprise or anger.

Q. 6. Both Jim and Della gave each other the gifts of rare love, How Explain?
Ans. Jim’s gold watch and Della’s beautiful long hair were the two prized possessions. Della sold her hair for the gift for Jim. Jim sold his watch to buy the set of combs for Della. Thus, both of then gave each other, the gift of ‘Rare Love’.



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