Poem 3 - Death the Leveller (Poet- James Shirley)

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Class X Main Course (English Reader)

Poem 3 - Death the Leveller (Poet- James Shirley)

Q. 1. What is the theme or the central/main idea of the poem?
Write a summary of the poem in your own words?
Ans. The poem gives us a message that death is a great leveller . All have to how before death. Death comes to all. All are same before death. It is very beautiful poem.

Q. 2 What lesson do you get from this poem? 
Ans. Death spares none. It reduces everyone to dust. It treats the mighty and the weak equally, Therefore, it is useless to boast of one’s power or wealth. Only our good actions remain after our death. So, we should always be just in our actions. 

Q. 3 What does the expression ‘scythe and spade’ stand for? 
Ans. The given expression stands for the poor peasants and labourers. These people become equal with the kings in death. Death makes no difference between them and the kings. 

Q. 4 Do the conquerors tame death or the dead? 
Ans. Conquerors can tame only the dead. They have no power over death. Rather it is death that one day overpowers them and reduces them to dust. 



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