Where is science taking us? Lesson - 2 Short and Long Question-Answer

Where is Science Taking Us? (Dr S.W. Pennycuick)

Examination-Style Questions
Short-Answer type textual Questions (15-20 Words)

Note-Please seek the help of your Teacher
Q. 1. Why does the author of ‘Where is Science Taking Us?’ say that science is doing less than nothing?
Ans. Because it is doing nothing for ethical and spiritual Values.

Q. 2. What are machines doings for the humans?
Ans. Machines are saving the time and energy of man.

Q. 3. What is the greatest triumph of science?
Ans. The science provides food, clothes and shelter to all of us.

Q. 4. What are the consequences of war?
Ans. Poverty and hunger are the consequences of war.

Q.5. ‘Today the upper age group is overcrowded.’ Why?
Ans. Because average life of human has increased by medicines.

Q. 6. What has happened to the ethics and morals in the modern world?
Ans. The ethics and morals has declined in the modern world.

Q. 7. What is the really needed in the world today?
Ans. Charity, mercy, justice are really needed in the world today.

Q. 8. Why does the author of ‘Where is Science Taking Us?’ wish to live another hundred years?
Ans. Because life is becoming more and more interesting. He wanted to enjoy this.

Where is science taking us?

Long Question – Answer

Q. 1. List the material triumphs of science and the non-material necessities to make the world a better place?
Ans. The material triumph of science is to provide food, clothes and shelter. But science is doing nothing for non-material things charity, mercy and justice is really needed today.

Q. 2. What should be the ultimate aim of science?

Ans. Science has made machines, but science is doing nothing for non-material things. Charity, mercy, justice and tolerance are really needed today.



  1. As all things have advantages and disadvantages too , so science has also advantages and disadvantages

    1. yes bro you are right if we are asking that science did nothisg so we are wrong Science Take humans to another planets Its A big example That Science Is neccesarry for living

  2. science has also advantages and disadvantages manavkalra.online

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