Return To Air Lesson-8 Question Answer

Class X
Lesson – 8

English Literature Book (Supplementary Reader)

Return To Air


Note- Please Seek The Help of Your Teacher.

Q. 1. Why was the boy called ‘Sausage’?
Ans. Because he was very fat.

Q. 2. Why did the boy not like diving?
Ans. His eyesight was weak. He had to remove his glasses for diving.

Q. 3. What is duck-diving? How is it taught?
Ans. It means to dive into the water like a duck. A brick is thrown into the water and the diver is asked to bring it out.

Q. 4. What happened to Sausage when he tried dick-diving the first time?
Ans. He was very afraid at first time.

Q. 5. Why couldn’t Sausage see inside the water?
Ans. Sausage had weak eyesight. He had to remove his glasses for diving.

Q. 6. Why did the water change colours? How did it change colours?
Ans. The water change colours at the depth. It changed from to blackish.

Q. 7. Was Sausage sure that he would not come out alive? Give examples to support your answer?
Ans. He was very afraid. He sure that he would not come out alive.

Q. 8. What did Sausage dig out? Did he know what he had caught hold of when he was inside the water? Why ?
Ans. He dug out an old tin box. He did not know because it was very dark inside.

Q. 9. Where did Sausage reach while swimming?
Ans. He reached the other side of the pond.

Q. 10 What did Sausage do with the tin-box?

Ans. He cleaned the tin box. He placed it on the mantelpiece. He put his coins in it.



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