The Dying Detective Lesson-5 Question Answer

The Dying Detective

Class X
Lesson – 5

English Literature Book (Supplementary Reader)


Q.1. Who was Mrs. Hudson? Why did she go to Watson’s house?
Ans. Mrs. Hudson was a land lady. She went to bring Watson.

Q. 2. Where did Holmes get the illness from? When did he get it?
Ans. Holmes get the illness from Chinese sailors. He got it when he was working on a case.

Q. 3. What was Holmes’s condition when Watson saw him?
Ans. Holmes looked very ill.

Q. 4. Why did Holmes not let Watson examine him?
Ans. Holmes was pretending to be ill.

Q. 5. Till when was Watson asked to stay in Homes’ house?
Ans. Watson was asked to stay till six o’clock.

Q. 6. Why did Holmes not let Watson touch his things? What did Watson think about Holmes then?
Ans. There was a poisonous spring in a box. Watson thought that Holmes was really very sick.

Q. 7. What did Holmes ask Watson to do before leaving his room?
Ans. He asked Watson to light the lamp and to put small ivory box on the table.

Q. 8. Who was Culverton Smith? Why did Holmes want him for the treatment of his disease?
Ans. He was planter. Holmes wanted to catch him.

Q. 9. What did Holmes ask Watson to say to Mr. Smith?
Ans. Holmes asked Watson to say Smith that his condition was serious.

Q. 10. Did Smith welcome Watson calling on him? How do you know?
Ans. He did not welcome Watson calling on him. His butler said that Smith was not at home.

Q. 11. Why did Watson not come back with Smith?
Ans. Because Holmes had asked him to do so.

Q. 12. Why did Smith ask Watson when he finally met him?
Ans. Smith asked him about the health of Holmes.

Q. 13. Did Smith go near Holmes to examine him? How do you know?
Ans. He did not go near Holmes because he did not know about Holmes acting.

Q. 14. Who was Victor Smith? What had happened to him and how?
Ans. He was nephew of Culverton Smith. Culverton had murdered him with poisonous spring.

Q. 16. Why did Smith send an infected sharp spring in an ivory box?
Ans. Holmes knew that Smith had killed Victor. So he wanted to kill him.

Q. 17. Why did Holmes ask Smith to turn up the gas?
Ans. It was a signal for Inspector Morton to come in and arrest Smith.

Q. 18. Who arrested Smith? What were the charges against him?
Ans. Inspector Morton arrested Smith. He had killed Victor Smith.

Q. 19. Why did Holmes pretend to be ill? What did he do and say to appear ill?
Ans. He wanted to arrest Smith. He did not eat anything for three days and applied makeup to his face.

Q. 20. Should Holmes have spoken so rudely to Watson? Why?
Ans. Yes, because it was needed to solve the case.



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