Lesson-1 Brave Sunderlal (English Reader Textbook For Class VI (6th)


Class VI


I. Answer these questions:

Q.1.  What work did Sunder’s father do?
Ans.  He was the incharge of a level crossing.

Q.2. What did Sunder see on the railway track?
Ans. He saw a boulder on the railway track.

Q.3. Where did sunder’s father run for help?
Ans. He ran to the nearest railway station for help.

Q.4.   What would have happened if Sunder had not stopped the train?
Ans. The train would meet with an accident.

Q.5. Who rewarded sunder and why?
Ans. The President of India Rewarded Sunder for his bravery.

II. write T for True and F for false statements in the box:

1. Sunder could see the boulder because of lightning. (TRUE)
2. Sunder ran to the villagers for help. (FALSE)
3. Sunder signaled the driver to stop. (TRUE)
4. The Prime Minister rewarded Sunder for his bravery. (FALSE)

III. Fill in the blanks:
1. Sunder belonged to ________
(a) Gujrat (b) Bengal (c) Punjab
2. Sunder’s father was an ________of a level crossing.
(a) inspector (b) incharge (c) supervisor
3. Sunder saw a _________________ on the track.
 (a) little boy (b) buffalo (c) boulder
4. The ___________ thanked Sunder for saving their lives.
 (a) driver (b) passengers (c) villagers 


I.Tick the correct word in the brackets :

1. I had to (wait/weight) for my friend.
2. Ram heard a funny (story/storey).
3. Have you (scene/seen) the new shop?
4. Dr. Verma (new/knew) my father since a long time.
5. In the lash of (lightening/lightning) I could see the car.

III. Choose from the box words words for the following expressions:-
Boulder  --  Track --  passenger --  levelcrossin   -- station 

1. Track a train moves on this.
2. Station a place from where the trains leave.
3. Boulder a huge stone.
4. Passenger people traveling in a train.
5. Level crossing a place where traffic has to wait for trains to pass.

III. Put the sentences into plural form:-

1. A fly is an insect. 
Ans.  Flies are insects.         
2. A chicken is a bird.
Ans.  Chickens are birds.
3. A wife is a woman.
Ans.  Wives are women.
4. A dog is an animal.
Ans.  Dogs are animals.
5. A teacher is always loyal.
Ans.  Teachers are always loyal.



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