Lesson-2 Bangle Seller English Reader Textbook For Class VI (6th)


Class VI

LESSON 2 (Bangle Seller)

I - Answer these questions : 

Q. 1. Who is Ram lal?
Ans. Ram Lal is a bangle seller.

Q. 2. What is the first line of Ram Lal’s song?
Ans. Bangles, bangles, come and buy these bangles.

Q. 3. How many bangles did Mrs. Verma buy from Ram lal?
Ans.She bought four green and eight red bangles.

Q. 4. What did Rita give to Ram Lal’s daughter?
Ans Rita gave her bananas.

Q. 5. Where were Rita”s old bangles?
Ans She gave them to her friends.

II - Work in pairs and decide who say these words and to whom in this story:-

Q.1. ‘I gave them to my friend Sita’.
Ans. Rita says these words to Mrs. Verma.

Q.2. ‘Don’t break these too’.
Ans. Mrs. Verma says these words to Rita.

Q.3. ‘Is that your daughter?’
Ans. Rita says these words to the Bangle Seller.

Q.4. ‘All right, go in and bring some’.
Ans. Mrs. Verma says these words to Rita.

Q.5. ‘Father will put them on your arms.’
Ans. Sheela says these words to Rita.

III - Fill in the blanks with correct option:-

1. Reetawas Mrs. Verma’sgaudhter.
(a) Sheela (b) Sita ) (c) Rita

2. Reeta had given her old balgles to her friend.
(a) her friend (b) her mother (c) her sister

3. Mrs. Verma bought two pairs of greenbangles for Reeta.
(a) Red (b) Blue (c) Green

4. Reeta gave some bananasto Sheels to eat.
(a) Grapes (b) Apples (c) Bananas

5. Mrs. Verma wanted to buy only fourpairs of red bangles.
(a) Five (b) Eight (c) Four

IV. Fill in the blanks with Someand Any:

1. I wanted some oranges but the fruit seller hadn’t any.
2. There are some notebooks in this bag, but there isn’t any book.
3. There isn’t any tiger in the forest, but there are some elephants.
4. The shopkeeper showed me some pencils, but he didn’t show me any pen.



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