Childhood Lesson-8 (Class-8th) Question Answer

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8th English

Lesson- 8 Childhood

Q. 1. Why did Gandhiji's father leave Porbandar for Rajkot?
Ans. Gandhiji's father became a member of the Royal Court of Rajkot. There-fore he left for Rajkot.

Q 2. How old was Gandhiji when he was sent to a high school?
Ans. Gandhiji was twelve years old when he was sent to high school.

Q. 3. Why did Gandhiji make his books and lessons his sole compan-ions?
Ans. Gandhiji was very shy. He avoided all company. Therefore he made books and lessons his sole companions.

Q. 4. Who was Mr. Giles? Why did he visit Gandhiji's school?
Ans. Mr. Giles was Inspector of Schools. He came in Gandhiji's school on a visit of inspection.

Q. 5. What did the teacher want Gandhiji to do and why?
Ans. The teacher wanted Gandhiji to copy the spellings from his neighbour's slate. He wanted Gandhiji to correct the spellings.

Q. 6. Why do you think Gandhi called?
Ans. Gandhiji called himself stupid because he did not correct the spellings in spite of being prompted by the teacher.

Q. 7. What opinion did Gandhiji form of his teacher and why?
Ans. The teacher remained a figure of respect for Gandhiji. It is because Gandhiji was by nature blind to the faults of elders.

Q. 8. What did Shravan do for his parents?
Ans. Shravan carried his blind parents to a pilgrimage by means of slings.

Q. 9. How did the story of Harishchandra inspire Gandhiji?
Ans. The story of Harishchandra inspired Gandhiji to follow the path of truth.

Q. 10. What idea do you form of Gandhiji as a child?
Ans. As a child Gandhiji was a mediocre student. He was respectful to his teachers. Even as a child he never told a lie.



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