Use the following Word/ Phrases into sentences (Class-8th) Part-2

Use the following word/phrases into sentences

Class-VIII, English, Part-2

45. Maintain (keep up) — We always maintain good relations with our neighbours.
46. Mediocre (not very good, average) — Gandhi ji was a mediocre student.
47. Meditate (think deeply) — Religious men love to meditate on God.
48. Melodious (pleasant to listen to) - She sang in a melodious voice.
49. No longer (not now) - She no longer lives here.
50. Particularly (especially) — Milk is particularly useful for children.
51. Pavilion (a temporary building used at public events and exhibitions) - Did you visit the Punjab Pavilion at the Delhi Trade Fair ?
52. Pilgrimage (a journey to a holy place) - The Jallianwala Bagh has now become a place of pilgrimage.
53. Pledge (a serious promise) — He took a pledge not to touch wine in future.
54. Plight (sad situation) — The plight of the poor moved me to tears.
55. Precious (rare and worth a lot of money) - Gold is a precious metal.
56. Previous (before the present) - He has no previous experience of this job.
57. Programme (to give a machine to do a particular task, instructions) —The robots are programmed to do different tasks.
58. Prompt (provoke, encourage) — His speech prompted the crowd to violence. 
59. Prosperous (rich and succes) — We can't as yet call India a prosperous nation.
60. Purpose (motive) — I don't know the purpose of his coming here.
61. Rage (great anger) — The wounded tiger roared with rage.
62. Recognize (to know who somebody or what something is) - I recognized him as soon as he entered the room.

63. Redeem (fu/fll) — It you make a promise, you must redeem it.
64. Repetitive (repeated many times) — The repetitive nature of this job bores me terribly.
65. Robbery (act of stealing by force) - There was a big robbery here yesterday.
66. Savagery (cruelty) - Beating the child like that was an act of savagery.
67. Scar (mark left by a wound) — She has a scar on her left cheek.
68. Secure (safe) - I feel myself secure with my parents.
69. Separate (not joined to another) - The school has a separate building for the primary section.
70. Shovel (lift and move things with a shovel) —The labourers were shoveling snow from the road.
71. Shrine (a holy place visited by people) - The Golden Temple is the holiest shrine of the Sikhs.
72. Slumber (sleep) — She was in deep slumber when a thief entered her room.
73. Sooner or later (at some time in the future) - Sooner or later you will have to make a decision.
74. Stretch (to put out an arm or leg to reach something)-She stretched across the table for the butter.
75. Sulky (bad-tempered) — She is a sulky girl and nobody likes her.
76. Surroundings (everything around) — We should keep our surroundings clean.
77. Take to task (criicize badly) — The teacher took him to task for telling lies.
78. Tempt (attract) — Nothing can tempt me to do an act of dishonesty.
79. thrilled (very happy or excited).— I thrilled the tourists.
80. Tryst (a secret meeting) — This park has, become a place for lovers to make a tryst.
81. Universe (everything in the whole space) — God created the universe. 
82. Verge (edge) — The old man was on the verge of death.
83. Violence (causing hurt or injury) - Gandhiji did not believe in violence.
84. Virtuous (morally very good) — She has been leading a virtuous life.
85. Vital (important) — Heart is a vital organ of the human body.
86. Vitality (energy and enthusiasm) — The youth are full of vitality.
87. Wait upon (serve) — He has a nurse to wait upon his aged mother.
88. Zest (enjoyment and enthusiasm) - The Punjabis have a great zest for life.



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