Abdul Hamid Lesson-1 (Class-8th) Question Answer

Lesson - 1 

Abdul Hamid 

Question Answer (Class-VIII)

Q.1. Who was Abdul Hamid?
Ans. He was a Company Quarter Master Havaldar in the Indian army.

Q.2. Which sector was he fighting in?
Ans. He was fighting in the Khemkaran Sector of Indua.

Q.3. Where is the village named Cheema situated?
Ans. this village is situated on the border.

Q.4. What sort of tanks did Pakistan have?
Ans. They had Patton Tanks.

Q.5. What made the Indian soldiers happy?
Ans. the destruction of the Pakistani tanks made the soldiers happy.

Q.6. How did Hamid destroy the enemy tanks? 
Ans. he destroyed Pakistani tanks with his special gun.

Q.7. How did Hamid fight the enemy and what happened to him?
Ans. He fought bravely and he was killed in the end. He was awarded ‘Param Veer Chakra’ posthumously.

Q.8. How was Hamid honoured for his bravery?
Ans. He was awarded the Param Vir Chakra posthumously. His name will always be remembered by the people of his country. His village has been named 'Hamid Dham' after his name.

Q.9. How do you feel about Abdul Hamid after reading the story of his bravery?
Ans. He was a very brave soldier. We feel proud of him.



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