Class-VI Chapter-2 POEM: My Furry Friend

 Class-VI Chapter-2 POEM: My Furry Friend

Activity 1: Dictionary Reference: Learning New Words
1.Tummy: ਪੇਟ 
2.nibbles: ਕੁਤਰਨਾ
3.tear down: ਢਾਹ ਦੇਣਾ 
4.conversation: ਗੱਲਬਾਤ
5.quick on feet:ਪੈਰਤੇਤੇਜ਼
6. fuss: ਹਫੜਾ-ਦਫੜੀ 
7. growls: ਗਰਜਣਾ
8.frown: ਗੁੱਸਾ 
9. treat: ਪਾਰਟੀ

Activity 2: Give the rhyming words of the following words:
1. bus- us, fuss, discuss
2. light-bite, fight, right
3. neat- meat, treat, eat

Activity 3: Read the following words / phrases and use them in meaningful sentences:
1. conversation: I was listening to their conversation.
2. frown: I don’t keep any frown on my forehead.
3. tear down: He tore down his gift.
4. quick on feet: I was quick on my feet to see the lion.

Activity 4:Write a few things about the furry friend of the poet.
Ans. 1. The poet’s furry friend is alovely puppy.
2. He is black and white.
3. He looks happy.
4. He has soft brown eyes.
5. He is small in size.
6. He has a fat tummy.
7.He makes a funny noise

Activity 5:Read and answer.
1. I brought home a puppy
He looked very happy!
Q. What did the poet bring home?
Ans. The poet brought home a little puppy.
2. Nibbles like a mouse
Eats whatever he finds in the house.
Q. What does the puppy nibble at?
Ans. He nibbles at the food.
3. You ask him to go
He growls loudly to say NO.
Q. Why does the puppy growl?
Ans. He growls if you ask him to go.
4. He is quick on his feet
When you give him a treat.
Q. When is the puppy quick on his feet?
Ans. He is quick on his feet when you give him party of food.

Activity 7
Make a list of action words used for the furry friend of the poet in the table given below:
The words that show action are called Verbs.
1. brought
2. looked
3. finds
4. makes
5. tears
6. growls
7. love
8. give
9. ask


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