Class-VI Chapter-1 The Farmhouse Cows Question Answers

 Class-VI Chapter-1 The Farmhouse Cows (FULLY REVISED)

Activity 2: Choose sounds of animals from the given box. Write in the given blank:
neigh, quack, croak, bray, bleat, caw, hoot, talk
1. a horse neighs
2. an owl hoots
3. a goat bleats
4. a crow caws
5. a parrot talks
6. a frog croaks
7. a donkey brays
8. a duck quacks
Activity 3: Fill in the blanks. Select suitable words from the story.
1. Rajinder was very happy because his parents had moved to the village.
2. Cows moo and lions roar.
3. Cows send us a lot of delicious gifts.
4. Rajinder pours cream on his apples.
5. Mother eats a piece of cheese at teatime.
Activity 4: Read each sentence. If it is correct, write 'yes' or if it is not correct then write 'no'
in the given space.
1. Rajinder's family moved from country to town. No
2. A cow moos. Yes
3. A cow gives us a lot of presents. Yes
4. Rajinder appreciates the cows in the end. Yes
5. Rajinder's mother says that cheese is a delicious thing. Yes
Activity 5: Read the story and answer the following questions:
Q.1. What is the name of the boy in the story?
Ans. His name is Rajinder.
Q.2. Where did the boy and his family come from?
Ans. They came from a city to the village.
3. Where does the milk come from?
Ans. The milk comes from the cow.
4. What present does the Mother get from the cow?
Ans. The mother gets home-made cheese as a present from the cow.
5. What does the boy say about the cow at the end of the story?
Ans. He says that cows are his friends.
Activity 6: Look at the table given below. All the words are nouns. Add some more to the
Place Person Thing Animal

















Activity 7: Write common nouns in the space given and make small sentences
1. Common Noun: toys
Sentence: Children love toys.
2. Common Noun: car
Sentence: We bought a new car.
3. Common Noun: pen
Sentence: This pen is costly.
4. Common Noun: computer
Sentence: There is a new computer in myoffice.
5. Common Noun: bag
Sentence: My bag is old.
Activity-8:Underline proper nouns and encircle common nouns in the story given below:
Amit sells (ice-cream)in the Atal park. His (ice-creams) are of different (flavours)
(strawberry), (vanilla), (chocolate) and many more. Harjot wants some (ice-cream). He tells his
(mother), "I want to go to the (park) to buy (ice-cream)." Harjot's(sister),Jyoti laughs and claps
her(hands). She also loves(ice-cream). (Mother) says, "I have to go to the (grocer's)and also to
the(supermarket). So let's go by our (jeep). We will go to the(park) by Gandhi Road. There is
less (traffic) there. We will reach the (park)soon and then we can buy (ice-cream)there." Harjot
and Jyoti are very happy.


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