Two Stories about Flying Chapter -3 | Part-II The Black Aeroplane | CBSE | NCERT

Two Stories about Flying
The Black Aeroplane

(Frederick Forsyth)

Chapter – 3 Part- 1

Q. 1. I’ll take the risk. “What is the risk? Why does the narrator take it?
Ans. The risk was the dark stormy clouds that loomed in the sky under such weather condition it was risky to fly an Aeroplane and also the narrator do not have enough feel to fly. The narrator wanted to take the risk as he was been to be with his family back have in England and wished to have a big and hearty English breakfast.

Q. 2. Describe the narrator experience as he flew the Aeroplane into the storm?
Ans. The narrator was happy and at ease while flying his plane on his way back to England. But the fierce storm and dark clouds made him sliver as he was unable to see anything ahead of him. This frightened him as he feared that he weight lose his way and would be eventually lost. He could not believe his eyes when he found the compass and radio dead. He also lost contact with pairs control and hence had no radio assistance. He was stuck in the middle of the storm high in the sky. But suddenly he saw another plane flying alongside his plane. He was happy and relieved to see another pilot who asked him to follow him the narrator now assured of his safety, like an obedient child followed the black plane and landed safety through the storm.

Q. 3. Why does the narrator say, “I landed and was not sorry to work away from the old Dakota.”?
Ans. The narrator had just been through a rough and p…. weather. When he landed safely he felt happy and elated as he was been and eager to reach home and be with his family. So, he said that he was not sorry to walk away from old Dakota.

Q. 4. What made the woman in the control room look at the narrator strangely?
Ans. Tree woman in the control center was surprised when the narrator asked about the other pilot who guided him through the rough weather. On wearing this, she gave strange look because according to her he was the only one who could be seen in her radar.

Q. 5. Who do you think helped the narrator to such safely? Disuse this among yourselves and give reasons for your answer.
Ans. The story ends on a mysterious note as to who helped the stormy weather. The narrator believed that he saw an Aeroplane whose pilot guided him to land safely. But when he asked the women in control center she said that his was the only plane flying and within the radar’s range. The narrator was now puzzled and in a state of disbelief and what would happen.
But I believed that his willing less end e….to meet his family made him fly through the storm weather. When he lost all hope his inner was come to his rescue and gave when confidence and hope to fly though storm. His anther sin sing for a reunion with his determined to see through the difficult times. So, the person who actually helped him land safely was his own inner voice.



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