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From The Diary of Anne Frank (Anne Frank)

Q. 1. Why was writing in a diary a strange experience of Anne?
Ans. Writing in a diary a strange experience for Anne Frank because she had never written anything before in addition, she thought that later on nobody, including  herself, would be interested in the musings of thirteen-Years-Old school girl.

Q. 2. Why did Anne want to keep a diary?
Ans. Anne wanted to keep a diary because she did not have any true friend in whom she could confide besides, She believed that paper had more patience than people. So, she could write her innermost thoughts and feelings in the diary without worrying about the opinion of others.

Q. 3. Why does Anne think she can confide more into her diary than in people?
Ans. Anne feels she can confide more in her diary than in people, because she believes that paper has more patience. She can poor all her feelings out in it without wearing about the type of things. She would share it. This would relief her of burden of such things which she cannot share with people.

Q. 4. Why does Anne provide a brief sketch of her life before formally writing her diary?
Ans. Anne provides brief sketch of her life before formally having her diary ‘Kitty’ because she believed that in the absence of a background, nobody would be able to understand a word of her stories to ‘Kitty’. She confides in her diary like a true friend and so it becomes ‘an insider’ for her.

Q. 5. What tells you that Anne loved her grandmother?
Ans. Anne’s grandmother had to be operated upon in 1941. So Anne’s birthday party with little celebrations that year. Unfortunately, grandma passed away in January 1942 and her death made Anne very sad. She missed her terribly, So she lit grandma’s candle along with other candles on her birthday in 1942 as a tribute to her.

Q. 6. Who was Mr. keesing?   Why was he annoyed with Anne? What did he ask her to do?
Ans. Mr. Keesing was Anne’s Mathematics teacher she was a strict disciplinarian and did not permit any disruption during the class. However, Anne talked so much that Mr. keesing got annoyed with her after several mornings. He assigned her to write an article on the subject ‘A chatterbox’ as extra homework.

Q. 7. How does Anne justify her bring a chatterbox?
Ans. In her first S.A, ‘A Chatterbox’ Anne alkaloid that talking a student’s trait and that She would do her best keep her talking under control. But she would never be able to cure her habit. Since, she had inherited this from her mother who too talked a lot.

Q. 8. Do you think Mr. keesing is strict teacher?
Ans. Mr. Keesing was a strict teacher who wanted his student to concentrate during the lesson. He devised unusual ways of instilling discipline in them and encourages their original thoughts. The funny topic that he assigned Anne as punishment shows that he was a liberal teacher.

Q. 9. What wake Mr. keesing to allow Anne to talk in class?
Ans. Anne made her point about her talkative nature in her third assignment by narrating a story of a cruel father swan biting his ducklings to death for quacking too much. This made Mr. Keesing soften his stand on Anne and her allowed her to talk in the class.



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