History Quiz Part - 8

History Quiz


Q 71. Dayananda was born on February 12 in 1824, in the town of Tankara, near Morvi (Morbi) in the Kathiawar region of the princely state of…………

Q 72. Who He said,"I accept as Dharma whatever is in full conformity with impartial justice, truthfulness and the like; that which is not opposed to the teachings of God as embodied in the Vedas. Whatever is not free from partiality and is unjust, partaking of untruth and the like, and opposed to the teachings of God as embodied in the Vedas—that I hold as adharma".He also said "He, who after careful thinking, is ever ready to accept truth and reject falsehood; who counts the happiness of others as he does that of his own self, him I call just”

Q 73. In 1883 Dayananda was invited by the Maharaja of ………….to stay at his palace?

Q 74. Nirankari movement, which was started by………?

Q 75. The Namdhari, or Kuka, movement had its origin in the ………………..corner of the Sikh kingdom, away from the places of royal pomp and grandeur?

Q 76. Who were called "Kukas"?

Q 77. Baba Ram Singh, born at Bhaini, in …………district in 1816?

Q 78. Baba Ram Singh passed away on November 29,………?

Q 79. The Singh Sabha intended to restore Sikhism to its past purity by publishing historical religious books, magazines and journals, to propagate knowledge using Punjabi, to return Sikh apostates to their original faith, and to involve highly placed …………in the educational programme of the Sikhs?

Q 80. Jyotiba Phule was one of the prominent ………….of the 19th century India?



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