Telegram's premium service this month Launch in India, get these benefits

 Use the paid version of the instant messaging app Telegram in the development of the subscription based service year.  It was reportedly taken over by Telegram fan Pavel Durov.  Telegram Premium users are largely within the chat limit.  They request to upload media files.  In a blog post, Padhel said, "We have freed up our good ideas. A paid service is needed to give better advice to the most demanding users."

Telegram is in direct competition with Signal and WhatsApp. Telegram currently has about 500 million monthly active users. Telegram is one of the top 10 most downloaded apps in the world. The company's founder has also made it clear that the launch of the paid service does not mean that ads will be shown to free users.

 Telegram users Telegram will be free forever. No ads. The tagline of no fees is also visible. With the paid service, the company expects revenue. Telegram's paid service will provide unlimited cloud storage. The free tagline has also been removed with the new version. New and 3D stickers will also be available with the paid service.



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