Prepositions of Movement | Vocabulary | English Grammar Part-3

C : Prepositions of Movement and Direction

1. To : Used to convey the sense of destination:
For Example : He went to the market to buy milk. (Reached the market)
He took me to the station.

2. Towards : It is used to express direction or to indicate ‘closeness’ to a certain time or event:
For Example : He ran towards the school.
I threw the ball towards him.
Most employees feel shortage of money towards the end of the month.

3. Into : to express a state of motion towards interior of something or inside something.
For Example : He jumped into the pool.
He stepped into the classroom.

4. Against : to express opposition of some kind. Close to, touching or hitting something.
For Example : The girl was leaning against the wall.
A motor car ran against a rickshaw.

5. Across : to convey movement from one side to the opposite side.
For Example : He ran across the road to his guest room.
Mihir Sen swam across the English Channel.

6. Along : move by the side of a path.
For Example : I walked along the canal for sometime.
He came along with me on my trekking route.

7. By : Used to indicate an agent of action or a source or doer of an action or mode of transport also.
For Example : The case was solved by the police.
My painting has been awarded the first prize by the Jury.
I love to travel by my own car.
She came and sat by me. (Nearness)

8. With : Used to indicate an object or instrument of action or nearness or some special features.
For Example : I mowed the grass with a new mower. (An instrument of action) I killed the snake with a long stick.
He owns a villa with a large swimming pool.

9. From : Used to indicate the point of departure or origin of something or somebody or a source.
For Example : Punjab Mail starts from Firozepur at 9.40 p.m.
He comes from a noble family.
She is from Dehradun.
His health is going from bad to worse.
He received an appreciation letter from his boss.

10. Off : To indicate some separation from a surface or down, from, away.
For Example : The rider fell off his horse.
He took off his coat.
The salesman rolled off the carpet.
Never get off a running bus.

11. Of : To express some belongingness or relation or reason or possession.
For Example : His house is made of wood.
He died of cancer.
She comes of a nice family.
He is a man of character.

12. Out of : To indicate a motion from the inside or interior of something, opposite of into.
For Example : She went out of the classroom.
The sparrows flew out of the cage.
He is out of pocket money these days.

13. Through : To indicate across the interior of something, means via something or past a barrier, stage or exam / test.
For Example : He passed through the main entrance.
It was difficult to sit through a boring movie.
He has gone through many ups and downs in life.

14. Near : To indicate a short distance or gap from something or somebody or to express a short period of time from something.
For Example : Ravi’s house is near the temple.
Many companies make lucrative offers to customers near Diwali.

15. Upon : To move upward so as to get on or be on something.
For Example : The cat jumped upon the table.
She jumped upon the bed.

Exercise 3 (Solved)

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:
1. We were on our way _____ school.
2. Winter vacations start _______25th December.
3. The axe fell___ the canal.
4. They were running ____the beach.
5. Our school is _____ the temple.
6. The wheel went ____ .
7. He will have to pay ____ his nose.
8. We must face the challenge_______ courage.
9. You must learn the lesson____ heart.
10. He threw the packet _______ the wall.
Answers : 1. to 2. from 3. into 4. along 5. near 6. off 7. through 8. with 9. by 10. against


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