What are Prepositional Phrases? Free Examples and Exercises | Part-1

Phrase Prepositions

Every prepositional phrase is a series of words made up of a Preposition and its object. The object may be a Noun, Pronoun, Gerund or Clause. A prepositional phrase functions as an Adjective or an Adverb.
Here are some commonly used Phrasal prepositions.
1. According to : Cut your coat according to your cloth.
2. Along with : She came to the party along with her boyfriend.
3. Because of : He won the case because of his sincere efforts to find the truth.
4. By means of : He was pulled out of the well by means of a long rope.
5. Due to : Hassan was refused admit card due to shortage of lectures.
6. In spite of : In spite of facing hardships, he gave money to his friend.
7. Instead of : I gave the children pizza instead of pancakes for breakfast today.
8. On account of : He got a promotion on account of his hard work.
9. In case of : In case of any emergency, dial 100 to call the police.
10. With reference to : He gave details to the police with reference to his complaint regarding the theft.
11. In the face of difficulties : Don’t lose courage in the face of difficulties.
12. On the eve of : The Principal hosted a farewell party on the eve of his retirement day.
13. In the event of : Don’t use elevators in the event of fire in this building.
14. In order to : He burnt mid night oil in order to top in the exams.
15. On behalf of : I thanked the sponsors on behalf of all participants.

Some commonly used prepositions

1. Abide by : One must abide by the rules of the road.
2. Absent from : She was absent from the office today.
3. Abounds in : This lake abounds in fish.
4. Absorb in : These days he is absorbed in completing his new novel.
5. Account for : She has accounted for her actions.
6. Access to : He managed to have access to some secret information.
7. Accede to : She acceded to my request.
8. Accused of : He has been accused of fraud by his employer.
9. Accompanied by : The Minister visited the accident site accompanied by medical team.
10. Accustomed to : The Punjabi's are accustomed to battles at the borders.
11. Act upon : He acted upon her advice.
12. Adapt to : I can adapt to a new place easily.
13. Addicted to : The youth get addicted to smoking very easily.
14. Admit to : Manisha got admitted to class X.
15. Admit into : His uncle was admitted into the hospital.
16. Afraid of : One should not be afraid of anyone in life.
17. Affection for : I have a great affection for my motherland.
18. Agree to : Everyone agreed to his suggestions.
19. Agree with : Even friends do not always agree with each other on all points.
20. Aim at : Arjun aimed at the eye of the fish.
21. Alarmed at : The residents were alarmed at the sound of siren.
22. Alive to : We must be alive to our own weaknesses.
23. Amounts to : His conduct amounts to cheating.
24. Amazed at : His parents were amazed at his rude behavior.
25. Annoyed at : The boss was annoyed at the peon’s negligent behavior.
26. Attend to : You must attend to your duties.
27. Appeal to : Dark coloured dresses don’t appeal to me.
28. Approve of : Nobody approves of his misconduct in the office.
29. Aspire for : Always aspire for the best in life.
30. Assured of : He assured him of his consistent help.
31. Astonished at : Everyone was astonished at his extraordinary performance in the play.
32. Avail of : You must avail of this opportunity.
33. Aware of : He was not aware of my circumstances.
34. Averse to : He is not averse to hard work.
35. Back out : You should never back out of your promise.
36. Bark at : Street dogs bark at strangers.
37. Beg of, for : She begged of him for mercy.
38. Begin with : The show began with a lot of pomp.
39. Believe in : I firmly believe in the strength of friendship.
40. Belong to : He belongs to a nice family.
41. Beware of : Beware of pick pockets in crowded places.
42. Born of : Swami Vivekananda was born of noble parents.
43. Break into : The thieves broke into the shop.
44. Break out : Dengue has broken out in many cities.
45. Brood over : The prisoner was brooding over his deeds.
46. Burst into : The old man burst into tears.
47. Bestow upon : The President has bestowed many honors upon him.
48. Call at : We called at his house to wish him well.
49. Call in : Call in the doctor, at once.
50. Care of : Parents take best care of their children.
51. Careful of : We should be careful of our deeds.
52. Carry out : He carried out the task very sincerely.
53. Certain of : The coach was very certain of his pupil’s success.
54. Cling to : The child clings to her mother.
55. Charge with : He has been charged with murder.
56. Come of : She comes of a respectable family.
57. Claim to : You have no claim to this book.
58. Close to : The biggest cinema is close to my house.
59. Confer upon : The jury conferred the title of ‘Sir’ upon him.
60. Complain of : She complains of a heartache.
61. Consist of : This group consists of seven members.
62. Congratulate on : He congratulated the winners on their success.
63. Confine to : He has been confined to his room because of his illness.
64. Conscious of : One should always be conscious of one’s duty.
65. Courteous to : We should always be courteous to everybody.
66. Count on : You can always count on me.
67. Deal in : We deal in jewellery.
68. Deal with : The police has to deal with numerous criminals.
69. Dear to : My sons are very dear to me.
70. Deprive of : He has been deprived of his status.
71. Die of : The patient died of Malaria.
72. Different from : This book is different from other books by the same author.
73. Dream of : She dreams of becoming an Army Officer.
74. Displeased with : She seemed to be displeased with your services.
75. Dispose of : We must dispose of the outdated mobiles phones.
76. Due to : He won laurels due to his sincerity and hard work.
77. Eager to : I am very eager to learn a new language.
78. Elect to : He was elected to the Lok Sabha in his first attempt only.
79. Eligible for : You are not eligible for this post.
80. Engage in : You will always find her engaged in some work.
81. Enquire into : The police is enquiring into the murder case.
82. Escape from : The thief escaped from the police.
83. Equal to : He is equal to the challenge.
84. Excel in : Elizabeth Bennet excels all her sisters in beauty.
85. Envious of : He was envious of her success.
86. Explain to : I explained my plan to her.
87. Entitled to : He is entitled to have his views on dowry.
88. Exempt from : The minister has been exempted from personal appearance by the court.
89. Exchange for : I exchanged my old bike for a new scooter.
90. Expose to : He has been exposed to many dangers.
91. Faith in : I have full faith in God.
92. Faithful to : A soldier is always faithful to his duty.
93. Familiar with : You don’t seem to be familiar with the customs of this place.
94. Famous for : Govinda is famous for his dancing skills.
95. Fight for : A soldier fights for his country.
96. Fond of : I am fond of my new pet.
97. Fed up : He is fed up with his neighbour.
98. Favourable to : The new scheme is not favourable to old employees.
99. Frown at : The teacher frowned at him.
100. Forgive for : I forgave her for her breach of promise.
101. Give away : The Principal gave away the prizes to the winners.
102. Give up : Never give up till you achieve your target.
103. Good at : My son is quite good at studies.
104. Guard against : We must guard against complacency during the match.



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