What is a Preposition of place? | English Grammar | Part - 2

Prepositions of Place

Quite a number of prepositions are used to indicate a position, movement and direction.
For Example : at Moga, on the table, under the book, against the wall, above the shelf, over the head, in the room, between the plates, beside the chair, among the children, near the lake, etc.:

1. At : Used to express exact locations or small extent of space (small place/ localities, villages, towns) or proximity with actual or intended contact or some festival :
For Example : His office is at 11, Brigade Road. (Exact place)
His mother is not at home now. (Nearness to place)
My son is studying at Sarasvati Vidya Mandir. (Venue)
Arjun aimed at the bird. (Point)

2. In : Used to express a wider extent of space or state of rest in the interior of anything.
For Example : His birthday party was at Hotel Taj in Delhi.
I spent my early years in India.
The guest is in the house. (Space)

3. On : To express location of an object that rests on the upper surface of something.
For Example : The train runs on the rails. (Expresses touch)
 The books were scattered on the floor. (Expresses at rest)
 Varanasi is on the banks of the river Ganga. (Expresses nearness)

4. Above : Used to express position that is higher in relation to something.
For Example : The grandfather’s picture hung above the fireplace. (On a higher place)
The flags waved above our heads.

5. Over: It can also be used to indicate something that is higher in position or covers something or to indicate that something crossing over or moving to other side.
For Example : The fan was just over her head.
She puts a blanket over her sick child.
The dog jumped over the wall.

6. Below : Used to indicate a position that is lower in relation to something or lower in rank or importance.
For Example : His apartment is just below ours.
His name was below me in the merit list.
A Subedar is two ranks below a Captain.

7. Under : Used to express a lower position.
For Example : The travellers had to rest under a tree on a sunny afternoon.
The cat was sleeping under the table.

8. Behind : at the back of something or someone.
For Example : My house is just behind the temple. (At the back of)
He hid himself behind the big banyan tree.

9. Opposite : On the other side of something.
For Example : There is a beautiful park opposite my house.
His house is opposite the Head Post office in the city.

10. In front of : To indicate a position that is just ahead or at the front of something or somebody.
For Example : He parked his car in front of my gate.
The vehicle in front of my car stopped suddenly.

11. Between : Used when there are two persons or things or ideas.
For Example : The rich man divided his property between both his sons.
Moga is situated between Ludhiana and Firozpur on National Highway. (In the middle of two)

12. Among : Used when there are more than two things or persons.
For Example : The hare hid among the bushes.
The Gita is most revered among all Hindu scriptures.

13. Amongst : Used when there are a large number of people or things.
For Example : These fifty books will be distributed amongst ten boys.

14. Beside : Means by the side (or nearness):
For Example : She came and sat beside me.
I kept the chair beside the table.

15. Besides : Means in addition to something.
For Example : Besides the cash, the robbers took his bike.
Besides studies, music is his passion.

Exercise 2 (Solved)
Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.
1. He stays _______ Karol Bagh.
2. He spent his early life _______ India.
3. He made his son sit _______ him and his friend on the bike.
4. Manav was sitting _______ his mother.
5. He distributed the toffees _______ all the children.
6. He was hiding _______ a big board.
7. We stood _______ the Sun temple for a while to admire its beauty.
8. My cat was resting _______ the table.
9. A big statue of Mahatma Gandhi has been placed _______ the Gandhi
10. The papers were scattered _______ the floor.
Answers : 1. at 2. in 3. between 4. beside 5. among 6. behind 7. in front of 8. under 9. in front of 10. on


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