Basic GK Quiz Part - 1

Basic GK Quiz


Q 1. Who was awarded with the prestigious Goldman Environment prize for safeguarding the local communities from industrial pollution recently?

Q 2. Recently, people from other countries (like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Syria and Cameron) to India should mandatorily submit the vaccination certificate during visa processing. In this, what is the vaccination for?

Q 3. Which country leads in the production of asbestos?

Q 4. Recently,Former Indian President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalamhonoured with honorary degree by which of the following university?

Q 5. Which Parliament gives Sakharov Prize for Freedom of thought to honor individuals for their effort on human rights and fundamental freedom?

Q 6. Recently, A committee under the chairmanship of PJ Nayak reviewed Governance of Boards of Banks India and submitted its report to Reserve Bank of India (RBI)P.J.Nayak is a former chairman and CEO of _______?

Q 7. When was the world’s most popular puzzle game Rubik’s cube or the Magic cube formed?

Q 8. World Blood Donors Day is celebrated on?

Q 9. Recently,a steam pipeline exploded in 600MW thermal power station in Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC). The steam pipeline exploded due to:

Q 10. Which of the following nuclear plant was halted in Japan after finding higher calcium levels than normal in water and also radioactive water leaked previously?



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