Basic GK Quiz Part - 2

Basic GK Quiz


Q 11. As per a news article, U.S. doctors claim that they have wiped out the advanced blood cancer from woman’s body by using a vaccine. Which vaccine did the doctors use to wipe out the cancer cells?

Q 12. Which of the following factors are responsible for delayed healing of wounds or cuts in diabetics patients?
(1) Smoking, (2) Malnutrition, (3) Alcohol, (4) Lack of Exercise, (5) Efficient Immune System

Q 13. The Temperature,coldest ever recorded on earth,hit by Antarctica recently:

Q 14. The farthest object sent by India into the space so far:

Q 15. What is the expansion of "INCHAM"?

Q 16. Which of the following insects are used to scare away the wild African elephants thereby preventing the crops and farmlands from elephants?

Q 17. With which of the following country has China signed a 30-year deal to buy natural gas?

Q 18. Former chairman and Managing Director of Tata Steel passed away recently. Which of the following prestigious award was awarded to him by the Government of India to mark his valuable contribution towards Indian Industry?

Q 19. What is the Expansion of "CNG”?

Q 20. Who is the Author of the book "Fifty Shades Darker”?



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