Psychology Part - 1 ( Child development and Pedagogy MCQs )

Psychology Child development and Pedagogy MCQs


Q 1. A major strength of ecological theory is its framework for explaining:

Q 2. All of the following advanced principles of child development that are closely allied to the stimulus response learning theory, except?

Q 3. The process whereby the genetic factors limit an individual's responsiveness to the environment is known as:

Q 4. In order to develop the spirit of labour in students:

Q 5. A child has been admitted to your school who belongs to a back ward family/background from the cultural viewpoint. You will?

Q 6. All of the following can be signs that a child is gifted, except:

Q 7. If heredity is an important determinant of a specific behaviour, what prediction can we make about expression of the behaviour in identical twins reared apart compared to its expression in fraternal twins reared apart?

Q 8. Frobel’s most important contribution to education was his development of the:

Q 9. Of the following, the main purpose of state certification of teachers is to

Q 10. The key difference between evolutionary and cultural change is that evolutionary change alters __________ whereas cultural change alters ____________.?



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