Psychology Part - 3 ( Child development and Pedagogy MCQs )

Psychology Child development and Pedagogy MCQs


Q 21. You find a student to be intelligent. You will:

Q 22. If some students are not in a mood to study in the class, you will:

Q 23.Child development is defined as a field of study that:

Q 24. The term ‘identical elements’ is closely associated with:

Q 25. Organismic theories of development hold that:

Q 26. A Person believes that nurture strongly influences the development of his child. He would not agree with the importance of:

Q 27. If student is too shy to participate in the class, you will:

Q 28. How will you bring a hyperactive child on the right path?

Q 29. Knowledge of child psychology is a must for a primary teacher. That is because:

Q 30. The current movement of behavior modification, wherein tokens are awarded for correct responses, is a reflection of:



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